41 Strange @41Strange

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41 Strange @41Strange
Thigh-high boots designed to look like human flesh #nightmarefuel pic.twitter.com/mPLeupaJtq
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lon3ly @err0ru
@41Strange yes!!!! fecal matter on ig i love them
Godhole_70421 @Godhole4
@41Strange Is that Matières fécales? Maybe you should credit the artist, just sayin
Logan27 @Logan2705309747
@Godhole4 @41Strange For what exactly? Taking advantage of stupid people with more money than sense?
@41Strange Materies Fecales and Salvjiia pic.twitter.com/vlOxtzNBCI
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FuYa @Ninjafuya
@Logan2705309747 @Godhole4 @41Strange ? if they bought the boots they liked them, some ppl think creepy is a cool look who are you to judge them? you think people wear clothes to impress you? what a clown
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