Tom Bergeron @Tom_Bergeron
Tom DeLay gets 3 years for conspiracy & 5 years for $$ laundering (10 years probation on latter). Jury deadlocked on bad dancing charge.
Paul Flynn @PaulFlynnMP
Astonished two years ago to see a book in America entitled 'Tom Delay and 22 other corrupt Congressmen'. Tom Delay jailed today. 22 to go?
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish
US legislator Tom DeLay gets jail: Former House of Representatives majority leader sentenced to three years for ... http://aje.me/i7PDAx
Leota Hendrickson @Breanna2042
Tom DeLay was sentenced to three years in a Texas prison today, and I saw it coming almost 20 years ago. Sort of. http://tinyurl.com/49n4qcz
Mr. Goodtimes @RoadTrip44
What a cocky prick! RT @questlove: Judge sentences Tom DeLay to 3 years in prison - Yahoo! News http://yhoo.it/dUtmIK
Cheston McGuire @ChestonMcGuire
Lost in the news seems to be former Rep. Tom Delay's prison sentence http://mobile.politico.com/story.cfm?id=47384
NZ_Robots @NZ_Robots
New blog post: Tom DeLay gets three years' jail in money laundering case www.bit.ly/eabm7i
Steve Bernstein @SteveBernstein1
And now doing the Cha Cha Cha in stripes; Tom Delay sentenced to 3 years in prison for money laundering and conspiracy. http://bit.ly/hoXBwU
John Flynn @johnwflynn
Tom DeLay gets three years' jail in money laundering case | World news | The Guardian http://t.co/bFoo9lt. Not in Ireland, he wouldn't.
Aaron Hernandez @FreddyHampton
tom delay is convicted for embezzling funds to republicans #justice
Dani Sa @DSa38
Dirty Tom Delay who helped TX Bush & Co.steal elections,spread hate, whined,"The criminalization of politics is very dangerous"! Ur Comment?
Justin Rielly @JustinMR25
Tom DeLay's got prison time, but who knows when - or even if - he will go to the steel-bar hotel http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_delay_trial
Michael The Lion @djaptone
I hope that Tom DeLay is real hood when he comes out of jail. #goodriddence
Brandon Randall @barandall800
Wow, I just found out about Tom DeLay's conviction. I liked him on DWTS a few seasons ago...I won't even go into his politics, though.
Champs @schmamps
Sounds like Tom DeLay could use an "activist judge."
You guys hear about Tom DeLay going to prison for money laundering? Too bad he's basically bought his way out already :/
Accelerated Ideas @accelerated_uk
Who would have thought tom delay would be so popular! http://bit.ly/au21HT Update:01:26
KamiResources @kamiresources
The allegations stem from DeLay's role in a 2002 scheme that funneled corporate money to Texas candidates - http://bit.ly/dXN7UK
victor mestan @vianme
I liked a YouTube video -- 3 Years In Prison For Tom Delay http://youtu.be/jUs2eeSqR2I?a
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CJ @CJagu
He did even worse today in a Texas courtroom - http://bit.ly/dXN7UK
William Brownstein @PoliticalVents
Tom DeLay is going away. I guess his trial didn't go his way. The words came easy - sad to say, but poems don't take the punishment away.
(((Mark Campbell))) @MrWordsWorth
Somewhere, Tom is wishing for a DeLay. And realizing he won't get to be the party whip...
jeffshaw @jeffshaw
Tom DeLay's only witness: Dennis Hastert. 30 yrs in politics only one guy stands up for you at your sentencing? Telling. http://ow.ly/3BHk8
Kevin McShea @KevinMcshea
Should we ask the Court to grant mercy for Tom Delay? .... Nahhh .. it wouldn't be the republican thing to do. #hammertotheslammer
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