Science is Amazing @AMAZlNGSCIENCE
The only reason why people do good nowadays: to be able to show it off on social media. pic.twitter.com/mHtbIRFGE9
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unFAQs @the_riskmanager
@PowerfuIPic Machiavelli once said that only the result would count.
@PowerfuIPic Not just nowerdays. Celebs and higherups have been paying people write about how generous they are for decades. If ever I see a celeb talk about how much they give to charity, I dont trust them. I mean either way it helps those in need but still. Usually a guilt or god complex
Dadgummit @KWSeminole
@L_ONE_X @PowerfuIPic There are so many celebs that use contributions to their charities to fund their staff that doesn’t do work for the charity. It’s sick.
KS @KripaSingh27
@PowerfuIPic Mostly it's used by celebrities and rich people, show off.
Devil's Advocate @Seri11167304
@PowerfuIPic @HorrorShowComix I mean it's better then them being evil right? At the end of the day both sides benefit.
Pan @Pantastic1761
@PowerfuIPic @womenliveIonger George Michael had it right ... do a good deed & say nothing .
Bogdan @bogwiser
@PowerfuIPic @womenliveIonger Not always true. This can have a big impact on other people that never helped others in need. Show off or not, the person receiving the gift is a happy person.


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