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This Malaysian student spent years working as a cleaner while studying to bring his parents to his graduation in England! pic.twitter.com/ZKFOwQbDTZ
MaguireHEAD @undromeda99
@IlmFeed if you work part time as uni cleaner for 3 hours a day (6 am to 9 am) you can earn about 600 pound a month.
one voice @guidedheart
@IlmFeed Beautiful. Maa shaa Allah.โค๏ธ
IlmFeed @IlmFeed
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JejariCantikMenaip @JariCntikMenaip
@IlmFeed 1st class while working as cleaner. Allahu, congratulation. Happy for you and what have you done for your parents.
Ahmed Muslim @ahmedmuslim
@IlmFeed Is this brother on LinkedIn? I cannot find him on the platform but as someone working in finance I'm more than happy to help him tap into my network for the next step in his career.
โšก๐Ÿน๐Ÿฆ‡ @itmoonlight1
@IlmFeed May Allah swt give this brother and his family peace and blessings. May he always make his parents smile !
zah @zahirahazahar
@mischievousalia @IlmFeed INSYALLAH WE ARE ON THIS TOGETHER ๐Ÿ˜ญโœŠ!!!
dralban @Albadeen7
@IlmFeed Wanna know how his parents tought him well. Masyallah. Barakah redha ibubapa.
Syaza Nazura @nazu2308
@fiirdausmusa @sriza85 @IlmFeed Minimum wage is ~ยฃ7.70 (21-24yo). Students on Tier 4 student visa are allowed to work up to 20hours, tho some unis may restrict it to 15hours a week. If you get paid minimum wage, ยฃ7.7*15*4 = ยฃ464 per month. Most student uni jobs typically pay more than min wage. pic.twitter.com/rqetMgp8DA
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MaguireHEAD @undromeda99
@nazu2308 @fiirdausmusa @IlmFeed true uni rate is higher and is not that difficult to be a cleaner in UK compared to malaysia. better if you become lab demonstrator or tutor, it will be 15pound per hour
Acapue @acapali98
@IlmFeed Meanwhile Student twitter: โ€˜hi guys tlg bantuin aku kerna aku telah mendapat offer di Oxford makanya boleh nggak u guys bank in ke acc ni 612010398*** kerna aku keren banget blajar ke sana. Bantu eh bantu eh. Tq guys. Tikus guys tikus guys.โ€™ Lololol
Zack One @AfiqZaqwan96
@ahmedmuslim @IlmFeed Hye Ahmed. I dont have LinkedIn. Will sign up later. Thank You btw. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Ahmed Muslim @ahmedmuslim
@AfiqZaqwan96 @IlmFeed Congratulations brother! Drop me a message when you have setup an account and I can connect with you. May Allah grant you success in this life & the Hereafter, ameen. #WednesdayMotivation


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