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This Malaysian student spent years working as a cleaner while studying to bring his parents to his graduation in England! pic.twitter.com/ZKFOwQbDTZ
MaguireHEAD @undromeda99
@IlmFeed if you work part time as uni cleaner for 3 hours a day (6 am to 9 am) you can earn about 600 pound a month.
@IlmFeed Congratulations you definitely made your parents proud. May Allah bless you always kiddo.
IlmFeed @IlmFeed
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JejariCantikMenaip @JariCntikMenaip
@IlmFeed 1st class while working as cleaner. Allahu, congratulation. Happy for you and what have you done for your parents.
Ahmed Muslim @ahmedmuslim
@IlmFeed Is this brother on LinkedIn? I cannot find him on the platform but as someone working in finance I'm more than happy to help him tap into my network for the next step in his career.
@IlmFeed May Allah swt give this brother and his family peace and blessings. May he always make his parents smile !
Alia S. @aliasyafiraa
@IlmFeed @zahirahazahar omg guess who just cried😭😭😭 AND ZAHIRAH WE GOT THIS!!
Albadeen @Albadeen7
@IlmFeed Wanna know how his parents tought him well. Masyallah. Barakah redha ibubapa.
Syaza Nazura @nazu2308
@fiirdausmusa @sriza85 @IlmFeed Minimum wage is ~£7.70 (21-24yo). Students on Tier 4 student visa are allowed to work up to 20hours, tho some unis may restrict it to 15hours a week. If you get paid minimum wage, £7.7*15*4 = £464 per month. Most student uni jobs typically pay more than min wage. pic.twitter.com/rqetMgp8DA
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MaguireHEAD @undromeda99
@nazu2308 @fiirdausmusa @IlmFeed true uni rate is higher and is not that difficult to be a cleaner in UK compared to malaysia. better if you become lab demonstrator or tutor, it will be 15pound per hour
Acapue @acapali98
@IlmFeed Meanwhile Student twitter: ‘hi guys tlg bantuin aku kerna aku telah mendapat offer di Oxford makanya boleh nggak u guys bank in ke acc ni 612010398*** kerna aku keren banget blajar ke sana. Bantu eh bantu eh. Tq guys. Tikus guys tikus guys.’ Lololol
Zack One @AfiqZaqwan96
@ahmedmuslim @IlmFeed Hye Ahmed. I dont have LinkedIn. Will sign up later. Thank You btw. 😊
Ahmed Muslim @ahmedmuslim
@AfiqZaqwan96 @IlmFeed Congratulations brother! Drop me a message when you have setup an account and I can connect with you. May Allah grant you success in this life & the Hereafter, ameen. #WednesdayMotivation


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