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Peter Klonopin @TheRealMarxalot
The russians stole your faceapp and are going to use GRU style military techniques to tactically deepfake your face into the Trump pisstape…
Bruno Guglielminetti @Guglielminetti
#Podcast - #MonCarnet cette semaine : Retour sur le Prime Day d’Amazon Achat alimentaire en ligne au Québec Le jeu vidéo, un «bon passe-temps» @thierryweber/@PatWhite70: FaceApp @StephaneRicoul : Numérique et éducation…
CatO’Samhain @NineCato
@wooknponub Between pineapple pizza and Faceapp, I’m thinking the Russians are trying to point out how stupid our government actually is.
América Hoy @AmerHoy
Encuentran a un joven desaparecido hace 18 años gracias a un programa similar al FaceApp
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#FaceApp te rog sa specifici daca fotografia este inainte sau dupa (...folosirea celebrei aplicatii)!
POND'S India @PondsIndia
#FaceAppChallenge done right. #Repost from @KarismaKapoor: No #faceappchallenge can get in the way when I’ve got my Pond’s Age Miracle!! 💃💃 @pondsindia’s anti aging range - my forever fav.. #Ponds #PondsIndia #Skincare #Beauty #AntiAgeing #FaceApp #KarismaKapoor
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Andrew Mendelson @MadDogMendelson
Russian intelligence chief: How do we get weary Americans to willingly give us there personal data and allow us to track their every move on social media in the Trump era? Russian intelligence underling: FaceApp! High-fives ensue.
andena amberela ela ela @mhdazmr_
Yiihh abang ni.. Kita memang benci calculation la, tak pakai faceapp pun da berkerut tengok nombor. Apa nombor phone abang? Ehh tibeee.…
Miteish Amdavadi @TNBT111
યમરાજ ને આજ ચિત્રગુપ્તસે જો FACEAPP ઉપયોગ કરકે 25સે સીધા 75 હોગયે હે ઉનકી List મંગાવાઈ હે #FaceApp #faceappchallenge
Scary Dead @QueCalorHP
J'ai testé faceapp, j'suis trop vieux pour ses conneries.
Kshama Gupta @KshamaG91700376
@backwas1 काश, FaceApp से बुढ़ापा देखने के साथ-साथ यह भी देख सकते कि हम वृद्धावस्था में अपने ही घर मे रहेंगे या वृद्धाश्रम में..!!
🌊OneHotTaterTot🌊 @CHERYL34236
@thekjohnston Definitely FaceApp. I googled other pix of her. She still ain't 44.
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