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Kayano stop running away from your man challenge
Jehanzeb Mirza @JehanzabMirza
Texted my friend, up for a run? Guess what, he comes up with a weird idea about running at 7:30 on a sunday morning. Man, run, but don’t torture me. But yes, anyway, I’m going with him 😂
☆ rhys @RhysStrongfork
revolation he had recently had regarding the man, Rhys paces around in front of his door for a few minutes, running his fingers through his hair. Just dinner between ceos, that was all. With that in mind, he huffs out a breath before knocking on the door. Here goes nothing.
littlebit @littlebit_mia
@AynRandPaulRyan So he didn't know trump was a racist when he called Mexicans rapists? Hmmmmm??? Nothing rang his racist radar the entire time he was running for president? Wtf man?!
Cassie Hanlin 🌈△⃒⃘ ⚯͛ @MyLovinIsBi_ble
To the man running this half marathon with a bottle of Yellow Tail wine, I applaud you. #Inspire2019
Arthur faulkenberry @Adfdwayne
@VP Yeah & u had nothing 2 do with it! so tired of u running around Acting like u are the person who accomplish these great things you’re the man that sitting in the seat that’s supposed to be helping creating great things & what are u doing lies & throw kids in cages god is watching
eden @haechanyangski
@nctconfess Ga ada. Semenjak thaad China jarang ngesub acara2 nya. Dulu waktu jaman 2015 gua ngikutin Running Man China masih cepet kok eng/indo sub nya keluar, skrg bener2 kek tertutup dari dunia luar China tuh😂😂
Adizti Novitri @adiztii
@pjmclumsy @Viu_ID Iyaa biasanya running man udh ada sub indo hr snin :( aku pengikut setia runming man tiap minggunya
nn🥀 @pjmclumsy
viu error apa gmn sih ah:( mau nntn running man tp dr smlm kgk ada sub indo pdhl harusnya uda ada:( mo nntn pfj2 tp masa masih eps yg minggu lalu hrsnya kn harini apdet eps yg smlm:((
a g a p e @farahinanana_
@natashaaliea Hhaha sama weyh hari tu tengok running man indo sub. Lawak dia jadi 5x lawak 😂
Yoona [rest] @yooztna
190714 YoonA & Jo Jung Suk - Running Man Ep 460 preview


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