How can we make the profession of a teacher more attractive?
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Penworldwide @penworldwide
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary @krisrynt8 A4: To continuously provide #developmentopportunities,#access to modern #technology& combine it with flexibility& practical skills. To have students #participate #actively during the process& provide a 2 way flow & have 🌍knowledge exchange #EduSummitEU #penworldwide
Nashon J. Adero @hopadero
A4: #EduSummitEU #TVETChat #TVETteaching #Pracademics (should) make best teachers, so in this new era, invest in #teachers #training in environment rich in trending #industry #skills & applications. Learn it - practice it - teach it - perfect it by #lifelonglearning is the WAY twitter.com/EUErasmusPlus/…
Nashon J. Adero @hopadero
#EduSummitEU In #Kenya @EduMinKenya #teaching isn't so attractive a profession because of: 1. historical & cultural association with average performers who don't qualify for medicine, law, engineering etc 2. poor compensation package 3. rigid promotion lines, stifling innovation twitter.com/EUErasmusPlus/…
yurgos politis @yurgospolitis
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary @krisrynt8 A4. Inspiring Teacher Educators, making future teachers appreciate their worth and influence in nurturing future generations #EduSummitEU
Anamaria Ghiban @Anamaria_Ghiban
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary @krisrynt8 A5 #EduSummitEU Well, I think there are so many possibilities to make this profession more atractive, but I also think that you are or you are nit born to be a teacher. :)
Ray Gallon @RayGallon
@EUErasmusPlus @eu_schoolnet A3 #EduSummitEU Actually, I think all three. But initial teacher education needs to change radically, to empower new teachers to have the flexibility they need to meet challenges we don't yet know how to define. It's the critical lynch pin that brings the rest.
Douha jemai @ochifaysel
yes in @eu_schoolnet many moocs are influencing teaching and learning to improve teacher Professional Development ... #TVETteaching #TVETChat #EdChatEu #EduSummitEU #Etwinning twitter.com/abfromz/status…
John T. Okewole @dbeloved
@theskillspundit @Anamaria_Ghiban @EUErasmusPlus @UTAustin Sure my dear Pooja, I agree with you. You reference both vertical and horizontal change. As long as they are not static, then they are good. @alisonmead3 illustrated #YellowNotes to us in 2015 and dere r #teachers that still use it till date. #EduSummitEU
©hristos™ @aga8wn
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary @krisrynt8 A5 We must rebrand the profession. Change the stereotypical image of a stiff person that 'knows better' to a modern one of a person that listens, is creative and helps others to be creative too. #EduSummitEU
DAAD Brussels @DAAD_EU
#Mobility is key! 👩‍🏫🎓🇪🇺🌐👨‍🏫 #EduSummitEU @EUErasmusPlus 📣 We plan to organise a conference on the #internationalisation of #teacher training in spring 2020 in Brussels. Further info will follow on this website in due course: bit.ly/2LXkQQ7 and on Twitter! pic.twitter.com/yj3qn0NCmj
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©hristos™ @aga8wn
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary @krisrynt8 A4 Be a teaching apprentice before having to handle a class by yourself. Professional development is directly connected with education quality so it should be planned according not only to teacher's needs but also the student's ones (differ from area to area) #EduSummitEU
Pooja Gianchandani @theskillspundit
@dbeloved @Anamaria_Ghiban @EUErasmusPlus @UTAustin Hey John, No arguments in your statement that 'change is the only constant'. But each teacher (person) is different. Some people like to diversify , some like to specialize. and whoever keeps pace with that leaves an impact. #EduSummitEU
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary @krisrynt8 A5 #EduSummitEU 1. Better policy makers who actually UNDERSTAND teaching / learning / education & who know the difference between a workforce and a profession. 2. More initiatives like eTwinning. 3. Support for mote ITE / Industry collaborations like Itelab.eun.org.
Christos Papachristo @p_christos
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary @krisrynt8 Q4 The key ingredients for excellent training & professional development of teachers are willingness to learn and to be open of new methods and ideas #EduSummitEU
Christos Papachristo @p_christos
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary A2 The most pressing needs for teachers is professional development. Teachers need to be attend regularly seminars and other workshops in order to updated about the new trends and ways of teaching #EduSummitEU
yurgos politis @yurgospolitis
@EUErasmusPlus A3. society showing more respect for the tough and thankless job teachers have to perform #EduSummitEU
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary A2 #EduSummitEU Access to high quality ITE. Technical and moral support entering the profession. Respect for the work they do. Proper remuneration. Ongoing opportunities for relevant and timely PD.
Nițescu Emilia-Elisabeta @NitescuEmilia
A5: In Romania not all classes have interactive tables, as technology advances phenomenally. I join and participate in many international projects and I have to use my personal laptop to do me work and to work with students. #EduSummitEu twitter.com/euerasmusplus/…
John T. Okewole @dbeloved
@DelphiNor_ @EUErasmusPlus Sure, I get you Delphine! I know you understand making lemon from lemonade. A #teacher I love and respect models that. What abt proposing to your school/district to convert papers to e-copies. A lot of such task are repetitive so copy/paste/edit and u r good #AnIdea #EduSummitEU
©hristos™ @aga8wn
@EUErasmusPlus A3 Attracting more and attracting the right ones are two different things. People should become teachers because they really want to not because of a secure lifetime paycheck... #EduSummitEU
Tatyana Oleinik @OleinikTatyana
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary @krisrynt8 A5 + #EduSummitEU Indeed a good teacher is an inclusive process with new models and projects with name, for example, OPEN-4-TRIUMPH (Opportunity for Personal accEss, and opeNness of Teachers-Researchers in Improving the inclUsive environMent for Prospective citizensHip
Conor Galvin @_conorgalvin
A1 #EduSummitEU Yes. But less so lately as inequality has been forced on the profession by a series of governments obsessed by austerity. Young teachers are hardest hit. twitter.com/EUErasmusPlus/…
©hristos™ @aga8wn
@EUErasmusPlus @Chiara_Bellani @MathieuSavary A2 Central support and freedom to express themselves. Teachers feel important but they need to hear it every once in a while, from students, directors and parents. #EduSummitEU
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