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Ngakak, Terekam Penumpang Cewe Mengeringkan Celana Dalam Pakai Ventilasi Udara Kabin Pesawat, Attitude-nya Dipertanyakan

Sangat selow, tetap selow, yang penting celana dalamku kering
Aviationdaily✈️الطيران يوميآ @Aviationdailyy

طيار ومحب لعالم الطيران 🇸🇦🇸🇦

Cheray Thayer @CherayThayer

@Aviationdailyy @fighterpics Omgawd 😱 🤣 I've seen it all now wow🤣😱👊👍

12/07/2019 15:20:22 WIB
Johnny French @zatopek2317

@Aviationdailyy So everyone now has to breath air filtered through her minging grundies. What a charmer.

13/07/2019 02:07:55 WIB
tom ridgeway @BearWolf2014

@Aviationdailyy LMAO! Why the concern?? Could have been a whole lot worse!! 😂😂😂

13/07/2019 03:04:32 WIB

@Aviationdailyy Society, you bat$hit crazy. No manners today at all. Rules are for others. Shameful, shameful shameful

13/07/2019 06:02:09 WIB


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