Supri @Supri27729454
Watch Download VidHot Indonesia GRATIS TERBARU ANDROID youtube.com/watch?v=6uMQkE… on YouTube. I found it on Bing! via @Bing
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Evarts @r_evarts
තිත්හොට පැස්තුඩුවා The Spot-billed Pelican At Mannar, Sri Lanka (facebook.com/Evarts2) Canon 5D MK IV (ISO 125, f/5.6, 1/2500sec.) #bestbirdshots #bokeh #your_best_birds #Srilankatravel #birdwatching #birdinginstagram.com/p/Bz0hyH7h1dd/…
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Afternoon Express @AfternoonChat
Ever wondered what makes professional portraits look so good? It's the background blur, called the “Bokeh”! The @LGMobileSA V60’s depth sensor makes the subject stand out against any background, giving you that beautiful blur. #AfternoonExpress pic.twitter.com/RjtvTXlA5G
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James Mukuya @MukuyaJames
@BokehPlots hello, I've searched in so many places for a django embed example using bokeh but not lucky. I know we have one for flask but I can't reconfigure for django. Any help?
Fleisher Photography @FleisherPhotog
🌺 Quick, post-rain stroll yielded these. Neat transition between petals and bokeh on the first one.🌸 . . . . #growth #orange #flower #browneyedsusan #macro #macrophotography #bokeh #macrolens #bokehphotographyinstagram.com/p/Bz0calBpXRu/…
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The Great Affairs @thegreataffairs
Evansville, the adventures continue with you, next Friday. It’s an early show, with our compadre Joshua Ketchmark in the warmup slot. New songs getting rolled out, finally. Meet us in the tub. @ Bokeh Lounge instagram.com/p/Bz0adExFvDx/…
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Kang Ariel @muhammadariel_r
@felafitrin @askfess Bagus kok apalagi bokeh nya,, trus yg jadi favorit fitur bothie nya itu , kayakny fitur itu gaada deh di hape lain ...
BCB Media @bcb_media
Loving the look that we're getting off our @CanonUKandIE C100 & Helios 44-2 lens today! Shot at @craftyfoxbars Graded with @FilmConvert #videoediting #framegrab #bokeh #canonc100 #helios44 pic.twitter.com/6QLjUgbYrH
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Caracal @tomvanvyve
@apocyn_ Vitesse d'obstination, 1/x plus le x et grand moins t'aura de lumière mais le sujet aura moins de flou genre un enfants qui cours etc etc. Et f2.8 ces l'ouverture de t'on objectif, plus il est bas plus il est lumineux et y'a un plus jolie bokeh
(JTB) Kuni Cam🌸 banyaak banget filter aesthetic nyaa☺ + cahaya, dust,bokeh,lomo,3d,glitch,date🌈 15k for android/ios,diorder yuk kak!! pic.twitter.com/mHKuyb4Fey
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