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It is my duty to fight. Disney’s #Mulan is in theaters March 27, 2020. pic.twitter.com/pNV3wNsm2R
WatchmenID @WatchmenID
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💮 HILAS MARIE 💮 @eskWetchy
I'M SO EXCITED!! I think I'm seeing Mulan here leading the army as their general, just like the original story. #LiuYifei just never ages, I've been a fan ever since her Conder Heroes drama!!!! twitter.com/DisneysMulan/s…
K.S. Valentine @byksvalentine
While I am hoping that the live action Mulan will do well at the box office, I will be amazed if Disney manages to make the movie well liked by both American and Chinese citizens, AKA their two biggest box offices
$lump Lord @Shlumpty_Dumpty
I can’t wait for the Mulan live action tho. Truthfully everyone mad cuz it’s not Americanized
Arubi desu @malvisyahrin
@WatchmenID Wanita oriental cantik lagi Gaya ala² assasin 💞 for you 😁
🐰 @ikasputeri
@WatchmenID Live action disney yang paling mirip aslinya❣️ ariel can't relate....😣
Sad Pikachu @pikapikachuuuk
@ikasputeri @WatchmenID Ya kan ariel sering di pantai mbak jdinya keling. Logis kok mbak 😁
🐰 @ikasputeri
@pikapikachuuuk @WatchmenID iyaaa kak, kita terima cocoklogi aja deh😔✊
Gumpalan Lemak @heiapril_
@WatchmenID Bening banget yatuhaann kayak baso gapake sambel kecap
nazriel_kurniawan @wanz24
@heiapril_ @WatchmenID Bening sebening wajah km jika sudah acc fb 😀
Tio Tyrta Anshari @tiotyrta
@WatchmenID Dari kemaren tiap liat ada post tentang mulan, gua senyum senyum mulu. 😂
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