Mr.UNICORN 🇮🇩🇮🇩❤️🇮🇩 @henrijova
deep fake..hati2 gaes tekhnology ini mampu membuat video se olah2 kmu yg membuat video ini contoh: tekhnology ini memakai wajah seorg wanita melakukan oral sex pdhal wanita ini sama skali tdk membuat video sex so pasti susah membuat org2 percaya bhw bkn dirinya yg di video tsb pic.twitter.com/bx1K7umTfd
iskandar wijaya @iskanda80893534
@henrijova semoga pengedit diberikan kecerahan hatinya kita hanya bisa berdo'a
Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets
I recently deleted a tweet w/ a photo of Trump & Ivanka purportedly showing them w/ Jeffrey Epstein that I subsequently learned had been photoshopped. I want to thank folks who pointed that out to me. With AI deepfake technology, soon fake videos will also be widespread. Scary!
฿rάdɌicĥ @BradUlreich
@joncoopertweets As someone who is versed in Photoshop, I gotta say, it was reaaalllly well done. I inspected it closely for digital artifacts and couldn't find any.
Cat @felinefine11
@joncoopertweets @STabbytosavit The part where trump is oddly kissing and groping a preteen Ivanka was not photoshopped unfortunately.
Cat @felinefine11
@twit2 @joncoopertweets @STabbytosavit This is a real photo, and the more disturbing part of that photoshopped one. pic.twitter.com/P6LFRvImCq
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Aggie's girl @aggiesgirl5
@joncoopertweets I respect you for deleting the photoshopped photo...the issue is that the original photo of Trump awkwardly clutching a pained looking Ivanka is still creepy.
Teresa Arduini @terriarduini
@joncoopertweets You take it down when you find out it is fake. It is a shame our President and his Administration doesn't have the same integrity
Kassandra Seven @KassandraSeven
@joncoopertweets Thank you Jon. A perfect example of responsibility in these matters.
Patty Rose @PattyRo30456841
@joncoopertweets @TheDemCoalition And that my friends.. Is the difference between Democrats and Republicans ! Thanks, Jon
Safiyah Noor @SafiyahNoor1
@BradUlreich @joncoopertweets Go to google images of Donald and Ivanka as a child. The image is well known of the two of them with the motorcycle. No Epstein there.🤷🏽‍♀️
Karna Tjahyana @karnatjahyana
@henrijova @maoloodee Bikinan manusia selalu punya 2 sisi, bisa digunakan semestinya atau sebaliknya. Ngomong2, awalnya software semacam ini tujuannya sebenernya utk apa ya ?
Rani Yachts 🏳️‍🌈 @rani_yachts
@JuliaSimonedeBe @sg1archive @joncoopertweets Yeah, I didn't want to get into that because everyone is different, but there's no way in hell I would let my 8-10 year old out looking like that.
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