Ulukutek Leunca @bgybgy
@lavivrie Hahaha this! My current career gives me high salary and equal work/life balance, but it doesn't give me the career i've wanted. Should i be grateful? YES. But that ain't stopping me from looking for my dream job even though it will cost me the high salary or work/life balance.
Lavietha Vivrie 👷🏽‍♀️👁 @lavivrie
@bgybgy If we want to, each day we can *make time* +/- one hour to build up our dream career. Keep on keeping on!
Putra Mulia @putra9mulia
@lavivrie @vinosakti True for most people, not true for those who actually learns how to have it all. And yes it is possible to have it all. Easy? No. Possible? Yes. Very.
Lavietha Vivrie 👷🏽‍♀️👁 @lavivrie
@putra9mulia Makanya dikasih gambaran dari sekarang biar gak gampang kagetan 😁
acipment @_adcpt
@lavivrie belum tiga pulu juga udh begini kak..
Jimmy Koh @JimmyKokong
@lavivrie 7 tahun lalu ketika umur seperempat abad udah ngerasain gaji dan penghasilan diatas 45 juta, dan efeknya waktu hidup habis buat kerja 16 jam perhari 7 hari dalam seminggu.
Shofy_ahmad904 @SAhmad904
@lavivrie @AhlulQohwah Working, Sleeping, Eating, Ngising, Real Life 🔄


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