Irawan @Irawan_Kusnadi1
Christiane Amanpour form CNN speaks to Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Pak @jokowi sbnrnya mahir berbahasa Inggris meski dengan aksen Jawa. Ini serupa aksen-aksen American, British, Australian, Scottish, Canadian, atau yg paling terdekat, Malaysian/Singaporean English. pic.twitter.com/nvRFOZx5SY
Irawan @Irawan_Kusnadi1
*typo: 'form' must be written 'from'. *nb: I bet those who always underestimate presiden @jokowi english skill couldn't actually understand what both Christiane and pak @jokowi talk about
K.Wijono @KWijono
@Irawan_Kusnadi1 @jokowi Dari segi pertanyaan wartawan..Pak Jokowi memahami semua maksdunya dan nyambung..masalah eksen itu natural..nice video, thanks Pak..
Ivan @Ivan75457925
@Irawan_Kusnadi1 @jokowi Hahhah yg begini di bilang pintar bahasa ingriss hahhaha
Wennvar @wennvar
@Ivan75457925 @Irawan_Kusnadi1 @jokowi Pak jokowi gak pintar bhs inggris....dia bisa...dan jadi presiden 2 periode
Max Walden @maxwalden_
Jokowi’s English has improved immensely, even if it’s medok! twitter.com/irawan_kusnadi…
Katarina Tyas D’Arcy @TyasKatarina
@maxwalden_ Jokowi doesn’t need to have an accent reduction; having an accent is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed of. He speaks clearly and his information is delivered well, isn’t it the purpose of having communication in a language other than your mother tounge?
Lorraine @callmelorry
@maxwalden_ Same thing like Russian, Spanish, Scottish, or else who has thick accent. I don't get why people mock on his English. The way he speaks, it's understandable, and I guess that's enough.
Max Walden @maxwalden_
@callmelorry Totally agree! As pak @Irawan_Kusnadi1 observed, many who criticise his English ability probably don’t even understand what Jokowi and the CNN presenter are talking about
g.prasetyo @gtprasetyo_
@maxwalden_ You failed me at “even if”. Your deficit perspective on someone’s second/foreign language performance is on point. Well noted.
Max Walden @maxwalden_
@J1T1 I’m responding to the fact that he’s constantly criticised by Indonesians for speaking in a medok way. Capek deh
Rieza Aprianto @RiezaApr
@maxwalden_ Unpopular opinion: the urge to speak English 'correctly' with 'proper accent' is a form of neo-colonialism. Having said that, he is the president - the list of questions must be sent beforehand, analysed, prepared and practiced by his public relations team.
Fery_unpursue @fery_4ceo
@maxwalden_ Australian or Singaporean english also has its own unique medhok max. So, tell this to the 02 supporters, Jokowi english is understandable 😉


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