Sepele Tapi Banyak Manfaatnya! Inilah Waktu-waktu Terbaik untuk Minum Air Putih

jangan lupa minum ya, jangan makan doang @tumbenlucu
drink terbaik minum health Water sehat infografis waktu TIPS
MCGM Health Department @mybmcHealthDept
Best time to drink water 1) After waking up 2) After workout 3) Half an hour before a meal 4) Before taking a bath 5) Before going to bed 6) When you are feeling sick 7) When you are feeling tired 8) When surrounded by infected people
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MSU Medical Centre @msumcmalaysia
Discover when is the best time in the day to drink water for maximum benefits on your wellbeing. #infosharing #msumedicalcentre #msumcmalaysia #healthandwellbeing
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Lo&Co @LoandCo_CovUni
Time for some tasty #facts! Hydration is important! The best time to drink water is Thirty minutes before eating to help in digestion and about an hour later to give the body time to absorb the food’s nutrients! Download the @Refill App today to help keep that timing!
za @chai_sy
@ndorokakung well, since am feelin' tired all the time, should I...?!
Wulan Mazia @wulanmazie4
@ndorokakung Minumnya sambil duduk kata ibu saya... Hha


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