Justin Trudeau Batuk di Depan D. Trump Jadi Trending Topik di Twitter

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Scott Dworkin @funder

Justin Trudeau coughing in front of Trump in the Oval Office is all you need to see today pic.twitter.com/PrLhuzqbSJ

21/06/2019 03:56:46 WIB
Josh Powers @powersj_tx

@funder This is beautiful. He should have to answer questions to coughing reporters.

21/06/2019 03:57:16 WIB
Buddybud 🆘 @Buddyboybudbud

@funder OMG. I now want to marry Justin Trudeau. Brilliant!

21/06/2019 04:05:12 WIB
ANN P V ALLAN @apallan

@janemcon @funder Surprised he didn’t ask him to leave the room 😆

21/06/2019 04:15:37 WIB
Lindsey Hendrix @lindzbizkit

@stevepcox @funder Not sure what this means entirely but HELL YEAH

21/06/2019 04:36:13 WIB
JB @partingrivers

@cj_spinks @powersj_tx @funder Every person who sits near him should cough at least once. If a person had a coughing fit, it would be the best of all worlds.

21/06/2019 05:02:38 WIB
One Tiny City @1tinycity

@Buddyboybudbud @nikangel39 @willin53 @ToneUribe @funder He can be your husband, I just wanna love all over him regardless

21/06/2019 05:37:02 WIB
Lindsay’s Mum #Anti-Fascist #BLM @christmasali

@lindzbizkit @stevepcox @funder Trump kicked Chief of Staff out of office the other day for coughing during a media interview. He hates people coughing around him (germaphobe). So most of us figure Justin pulled a little Macron on him by deliberately coughing (dissing or "throwing shade", lol. #TeamTrudeau

21/06/2019 06:30:29 WIB
Sadie @LisaGordene

@DevinCow @funder Thanks!! She’s a great dog. ❤️🐕❤️

21/06/2019 09:17:51 WIB
Mac33Cam @Mac33Cam1

@MikeTGLong @LisaGordene @DevinCow @funder They’re BOTH cute (Trudeau & the pup, NOT Trump—he’s just gross!).

21/06/2019 10:05:22 WIB
Lindsey Hendrix @lindzbizkit

@christmasali @stevepcox @funder Oh no I knew exactly what this was 😂 the art of the shade... What I didn’t know was that little bit of French or whatever lol

21/06/2019 11:42:19 WIB
Chuck @GStilger

@AmyEWhite3 @Lucky1Amore @funder Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't notice because his hands are so small.

21/06/2019 12:17:52 WIB
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