MTA_R68_Fan @MTA_R68_Fan
@_youhadonejob1 That’s photoshopped and is NOT real. @TfL would not put F***ing in their signs.
Paul P @Peno_007
@_youhadonejob1 I worked for a sign company and we made signs like this for a laugh. We'd slip some dodgy ones to the fitters to see if they noticed. Went out of business for some reason🤣
Chautauqua @Jezzaxr8
@Peno_007 @_youhadonejob1 A man i knew had the contract to paint the kangaroo on the side of the qantas planes. One day he decided to add a big set if balls on the kangaroo to see how long it would take for someone to notice. RIP Camo.


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