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Believe it or not, some cities' traffic is decreasing over time! The TomTom Traffic Index is reporting that congestion levels are decreasing in Jakarta. Find out more at: bit.ly/31ruWhA #TomTomTrafficIndex pic.twitter.com/7MHhnjTovh
Vela Andapita @velavwela
@TomTom Hi, TomTom! I'm Vela and I'm reporter in @jakpost. Your report has inspired me to write an article about it. I hope you don't mind if I cite the data and answer some follow-up questions from me. I also had sent you an email for this request. Look forward to your reply. Thanks!
Hijrah Utama (ajie) @hijrahajie
@TomTom Standing ovation for Jakartans 👏👏👏


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