HZ @humairazafeera
please stop romanticising shit like this... this is why a lot of young impressionable girls get into abusive relationships. they think they can """change""" a man. baby NO. a man cant be changed unless he wants to twitter.com/ashalostinhell…
St. Liam @MagikleDlishus
@LittleMissLizz @ashalostinhell Hi,currently broken here,and uh, thank you! Got myself here,gotta be the one to get myself out. If I relied on someone to do the heavy lifting it wouldn’t be long until I’m hanging with my old pals resentment and blame.
The Sassiest Semite @LittleMissLizz
@MagikleDlishus @ashalostinhell Good for you. Do the work, get the help & then let the people who care about you support you. If you do the work and put in the effort, the “right one” will help you through until the clouds clear and you can enjoy yourselves. To love someone is to support them, not to fix them.
karl @its_yow_karliee
@LittleMissLizz @MagikleDlishus @ashalostinhell Hey ms can i ask a question im really curious what if the girl is a sadist and wants an abusive relationship is that bad?
ᏖᏗ 🏴 ѕтαятιη ѕнιт ιη вαмα ✊🏻 @teditsodani
@BasicallyImNick @sheologian @AnneFromTheChi @ashalostinhell So as someone who has both worked as a therapist and has mental illness (BP1, GAD, OCPD) - someone may not be able to help being mentally ill, but they are responsible for how they choose to approach it as a person, but their partner is not obligated to get drug for whatever ride


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