Jake Hanrahan @Jake_Hanrahan
Of the countless protests and riots I've covered over the years, I've never once seen this tactic used. Tear gas grenades extinguished almost immediately with water. Hong Kong protesters seem incredibly well organised. twitter.com/nvanderklippe/…
Martin @Mr_Rolph
@Jake_Hanrahan When you think about it it’s such an obvious tactic
Redcoat893 @Redcoat8931
@PokmanNews @Jake_Hanrahan Organised by people who don’t want to live in a surveillance state where their civil liberties are infringed you melon
PokemonNews @PokmanNews
@Redcoat8931 @Jake_Hanrahan "The Support Turned Resistance (STR) had been divided into three categories in the report, i.e., disruption, coercion and regime change." Is this a coercion or regime change?telesurenglish.net/news/US-Army-S…
Brant Burke @brantjamesburke
@Jake_Hanrahan this is an old trick. many people in HK are quite familiar with street action, and especially the support logistics. the general strike is tomorrow. it’s not going to get more peaceful in Admiralty
Redcoat893 @Redcoat8931
@PokmanNews @Jake_Hanrahan How exactly are protestors marching against (and being met by) Government Tyranny in Hong Kong supposed to force a regime change in Beijing? They've have had enough of the constant limiting of their liberties by the Chinese Government, something you seem willing to defend.
Jake Hanrahan @Jake_Hanrahan
@Redcoat8931 @PokmanNews Please untag me. The guy is a moron. Not even worth arguing.
George Mavris @gmavris
@Mr_Rolph @Jake_Hanrahan The problem is, you invite a different type of teargas grenade. If they use blast grenades this tactic is not possible
Azizpeder @Aputotenen
@janetcalif @Jake_Hanrahan Turkish police shoots them directly to the body.. so the main problem is not the tear gas here :)
Braulio Jatar III @brauliojatarm
@Jake_Hanrahan No offense but it’s been done for years in Venezuela. As time passes, protests and protesters evolve. Let’s hope Hong Kong has a better ending than Venezuela..
ThatCoryGuy @corypchajek
@Cmon_reallynow @Jake_Hanrahan Those recycle bins are actually useless. It all goes to the same pile of rubbish at the other end. Hong Kong has an abysmal recycle program. Dirty little not-so-secret secret.
D. Crockett @Cmon_reallynow
@corypchajek @Jake_Hanrahan That may be, but the garbage companies don’t represent the society that thinks this way which is the spirit of the photo. I think it’s interesting those little differences in our cultures :)


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