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Baro Indra @Baroindra
Hidupku tak berat Mungkin aku saja yang kurang bersyukur Terima kasih yang sudah berbagi foto indah ini❤️ pic.twitter.com/7Z81xXtuPV
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Fahmi Fathur Rahman @FahmifathurFR
@Baroindra Bukan hidup yang berat tapi tekad kita yang kurang kuat.
O~-~ @rt_sigitp
@Baroindra @dyahhty bro. hidup itu gak berat. Kita aja yang gak bakat. 😂
DedyOktavianus pakeY @mrdy0w
@Baroindra tak pantas mengasihani sahabat kita yang difabel, buat postingan "aku harus bersyukur" karena tidak "difabel"
Cathrene @xkatare
@Baroindra @lexdepraxis tolong ga usah jadiin ketidakberuntungan seseorang sebagai alat untuk bersyukur dan merasa lebih baik dlm hidup sendiri. you are capable feeling grateful without seing unfortunate event of others.
cindy @thottystark

if the pizza man truly loves the babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? @soluscal

ً @thottystark
this is called schadenfreude; you use other people's misfortune to feel better of yourselves. it's utterly disrespectful and shows how low your self-esteem is BECAUSE you needed to see other people being miserable only to achieve some self-relieve. twitter.com/Baroindra/stat…
ً @thottystark
to show your gratefulness, why would you say: "i feel grateful of my life because i am not as unlucky as them"? why don't you say "i feel grateful of my life because i have achieved these stuffs and these stuffs," instead?
ً @thottystark
if you guys 'feel grateful' because of that kind of picture, maybe you're not grateful. you're just pleased because they're having a disability when you're not. indirectly you're assuming by yourself that having a disability like shown in the picture above is something worst.
ً @thottystark
now let's reverse the point of view, at where YOU are the one who's being OBJECTIFIED to make others feel better. how would you feel like?
ً @thottystark
i was born with a tumor as a baby on my knee. my parents always told me to 'feel grateful' because i am not like those other people who don't have any legs. then i also know, people could also look at me and be like: "you must be grateful because you weren't born like that"
ً @thottystark
in conclusion!!! people's misfortune is not something you should use as a THING to compare against another misfortune. mind your own business.
Setan Garis Lucu @setangarislucu
@Baroindra Bersyukur di atas ketidakberuntungan orang lain? Ckckckck smh smh 😌
starchild @stephenbomm
@thottystark @menghanyurkan i knew this from the amazing world of gumball when simian said it lmao
starchild @stephenbomm
@thottystark @menghanyurkan gumball: simian doesn't have feelings simian: now that's not true. i have bitterness, i have fury, and my personal favorite: s c h a d e n f r e u d e
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