Stig Abell @StigAbell
In the end, the only sport that matters; human competition at its purest and finest: it’s Japanese office chair racing. pic.twitter.com/QgGyMoEnsA
Ravi Hiranand @ravi_hiranand
@StigAbell @ManMadeMoon Great technique by the guy in blue to corner smoothly
Veronica Nicholson @vnicholson3
@StigAbell @JuliaHB1 Anyone who’s worked in an office must have done this. 😂😂😂 @Rat_Egg_ @evnicholson1
Daniel Lloyd @daniellloyd1
@StigAbell Hi Stig. Do you happen to know where BBC Breakfast got this from? We'd love to use it on our weekly News Show on YouTube. Cheers. Dan
Jamie Pringle @JamiePringle
@paperboy_77 @StigAbell We’ve had quite a few varieties of man-machine locomotion come through our wind tunnel, but this would be a new one! You bring the chair, and I’ll bring the wind...
Matt Graham @MattHGraham
@SusanBramwell @JillHemmington @aligardnerUCLAN @StigAbell @UCLanSocialWork @LowisCharfe @diver_cs @AidanWorsley I’m at my mother’s at present and she has a whole range of colanders. I’ll bring some back.
Jill Hemmington @JillHemmington
@MattHGraham @SusanBramwell @aligardnerUCLAN @StigAbell @UCLanSocialWork @LowisCharfe @diver_cs @AidanWorsley Only if you promise to stage dive down the stairs and land with even less dignity than last time...
Susan Bramwell @SusanBramwell
@JillHemmington @MattHGraham @aligardnerUCLAN @StigAbell @UCLanSocialWork @LowisCharfe @diver_cs @AidanWorsley Maybe we could have a team photo with colander helmets? I once made a terrible mistake in Prague with currency conversion & to this day dread to think how much a colander cost me! 😂


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