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LOL, Papan Reklame Cari Desainer Grafis Ini Dianggap Iklan Terkreatif Karena Cuma Pakai Program Paint Microsoft

Seenggaknya mereka ngga pakai font Comic Sans
opensas @opensas

@_youhadonejob1 nope, it should have been written using comic sans...

31/05/2019 13:59:37 WIB
Khloe louise ♡ @itskhloelol

@RedEric99 @_youhadonejob1 I mean honestly it doesn’t look like they need one 😂 they’ve got a perfectly good creative soul

31/05/2019 15:26:39 WIB
Onur Demirλy @baycosinus

@_youhadonejob1 I can't see a contact info, so it's a real "You had one job" situation.

31/05/2019 15:28:23 WIB
Tommy Dickfingers #EGX2019 @Tom_Dickfingers

@itskhloelol @_youhadonejob1 Though I suspect they're dangerously young for paid employment. Or not a human 😁

31/05/2019 16:16:15 WIB


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