Flawless and Brown @kissmyelite
The influencer bubble is bursting. This young lady has well over 2 million followers and couldn’t sell 36 shirts. Focus on genuine engagement and not followers cuz they ain’t gonna buy a thing. pic.twitter.com/uOSVxc2k4D
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Tirta @romeogadungan
If you have 2 millions followers but you can't even sell 36 clothes, you need to review your strategy.
🇧🇸Wanderlust🇹🇨 @SmileAwhile242
@kissmyelite Holy shit. Lol and look at all the likes and NO ONE buying? Crazy
Flawless and Brown @kissmyelite
@SmileAwhile242 Exactly lol 30,000 like her post about not making at least 36 sales but still ain’t buy nothing. 😭😂
yung yoda. @tayy_west
@kissmyelite Bots 🤣 that’s the only explanation.
Focus On Your Wealth @sbximperial
@tayy_west @kissmyelite Even still she would probably have a few hundred thousand. Why ain't nobody buying? We see people on IG with way less getting stuff sold. People must hate her :(
Thalia👸🏾 @iamsheneika
@sbximperial @tayy_west @kissmyelite What is so different about what she is selling? Also it’s summer time who want that hot shirt right now? She should have launched in the winter imo
Flawless and Brown @kissmyelite
@iamsheneika @sbximperial @tayy_west That’s the thing too. People think that just cuz they have a lot of followers people will buy anything they sell and that’s not always the case.
@kissmyelite @bella_donna242 @SmileAwhile242 Honestly. These people evil. She might be lying so people could feel sad and supportive and buy more. 🤔
Wale @Wale
@kissmyelite @MadeNChynna Me when my music drops and I’m lookin at about 3 million ppl like this pic.twitter.com/TMaToHUgf8
Wale @Wale
@MadeNChynna @kissmyelite We know I lead the league in fake love .. I’m just tryna deal wit it ahead of time sis 😅
Wale @Wale
@MadeNChynna @kissmyelite Awww that’s sweet ur delusional . Love ya
Judge Miller @JudgeMiller
@RemedyLovegood @kissmyelite @iamsheneika @sbximperial @tayy_west And creepy dudes. Prolly not buying female shirts...but ya never know lol


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