call me mud @Flyinggkitty
Imagine your car broke down near cemetery and you hear this shit pic.twitter.com/fxOH6vABts
Xyn @umairmusa63
@GeaMuhd @shazlinrosli_ ni bunyi kucing batu(kucing hutan) .. yes memang bunyi dia sgt seram mcm orang kena menjerit kena seksa ..
lia @liasagna
@GeaMuhd Came to the comments to see wassup but idk what y’all sayin 🤧
mesutsyaaban @syaaban___
@wahturr @liasagna @GeaMuhd Same i almost pecah my head donno what gapo they kecek
dansih @dxnshshkr
@Castawayspell @flowsht He just basically stated the fact that its actually the sound of a jungle cat
call me mud @Flyinggkitty
@famousb_3 @Every1isReycist @thickkiinickii Mostly saying about animal mating calls and Asian demons screaming


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