David Lipson @davidlipson
Sad that Twitter won't let me post photo of a dude trying to sell me shoes in the middle of a riot. Govt imposed restrictions on social media still active #JakartaRiots
David Lipson @davidlipson
This legend was trying to sell me a pair of shoes in the middle of a riot. “Mister! Only 100 thousand” #JakartaRiots pic.twitter.com/D6y0VchmxS
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awtan @titanieifelyy
@davidlipson that “mister only 100 thousand” hmmmm
Sigit E Susilo @AgrPro
@davidlipson Epic...Great salesman is the one who can sell anything, anytime, anywhere
Emma Alberici @albericie
@davidlipson Important to have the right shoes for every situation ...
M!tch @Mitch_NAU
@albericie @davidlipson Pick some running shoes for when the police move in
kolakubi @team_emak
@davidlipson @BonnieTriyana Mungkin dia tdk ingin situasi spt itu, tp apa boleh buat dia hrs mencari nafkah utk keluarga
🐒 Kera Ngalam @kesengsem
@davidlipson @gaskafedi This is Indonesia, mau ada terror bom atau kerusuhan... kami tidak takut.. yang penting cari duit...😂
arun @a12un
@team_emak @davidlipson @BonnieTriyana Hanya ada satu issue bersama: Lebaran sudah dekat! Dan pundi2 hrs mulai penuh jauh2 hari 😁
Aditia Farhan @adityaafrhnn
@davidlipson @russian_market mau ada dajjal ngamuk juga ga ada urusan, yang penting dagangan laris hahaha
Josi Renalt Siregar @SE9Tahun
@davidlipson This is our culture sir, we don't afraid of anything 😂
Donita @Huujaaan
@Dimassubhakti @davidlipson Indonesians don't have to worry about food and water when doomsday strikes. Abang-abang will always be there. Ah, and also abang-abang whose sells merchandise 🤣
Gubernur Miramar @gnaka
@SE9Tahun @davidlipson We just afraid of low signal of internet and no wifi


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