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Michelle Stull @michelle_stull

Come on Team Volusia!! Let’s fill our Twitter feeds with celebrations of the many successes taking place in our classrooms!! “We rise by lifting others.” #VCSWHATIFWEDNESDAY@lyndigoepfert⁩ ⁦@solsearcher⁩ ⁦@janice_weinerpic.twitter.com/JKxDeAaPgX

15/05/2019 17:23:09 WIB
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Vada Lay @Vada_Lay

My most recent success was a student staying calm during testing! Last year he got so stressed and worked himself up to the point of giving up. This year he kept himself calm and focused! 😊 #VCSWHATIFWEDNESDAY twitter.com/michelle_stull…

16/05/2019 06:44:54 WIB
EPS_Mrs. Deaton @DeatonErica

Earlier this year students tracked their iReady math data.They set goals for themselves & a plan of how they would reach them. The first photo is a student data chat worksheet of the diagnostic 1 and 2. The 2nd photo is after diagnostic 3. This is my why! 🙌🏻#VCSWHATIFWEDNESDAY pic.twitter.com/cXc2AoRSaV

15/05/2019 23:29:06 WIB
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Janice Weiner @janice_weiner

My favorite moment is when a struggling student "gets it"! That is one of the best feelings!! #vcswhatifwednesday twitter.com/michelle_stull…

15/05/2019 20:09:53 WIB
Makenzie Mena @Mrs_Mena17

It may not seem like much, but one of my babies today successfully wrote “mom” and “dad” on her own. She has been working towards this for 169 days and we could not have been happier for her. #VCSWHATIFWEDNESDAY twitter.com/michelle_stull…

16/05/2019 04:21:31 WIB


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