Angela Seits talks to J412ssm class about brand communities and community managers.
Neil Beschle @NBeschle
What is the difference between a Social Media manager and a Community Manager? #j412ssm
Yana Nemecek @ynemecek
“We need to tweet,” or “We need a Facebook page,” just because isn't always the best strategy for Community Managers #j412ssm
Yana Nemecek @ynemecek
As CM you will be handling the complaints, follow the book "Rework" and say "I'm so sorry" in first person and be genuine. #j412ssm
Allie Gavette @agavette
Some lessons in community management/customer service stems from @pinterest and the #GOP: #j412ssm
Neil Beschle @NBeschle
Social Media Yodas define the "passion" involved in community management. #j412ssm
Allie Gavette @agavette
"Communities already exist. Think about how you can help that community do what it wants to do." -Mark Zuckerberg #j412ssm
Paige Landsem Huynh @plandsem
Companies don't create communities - they exist on their own, but brands can find & engage with them. #J412ssm
Rachel M. Starr @rachelmstarr
communities aren't defined by space and region, they are defined by interests and identity #j412ssm
Ashley Davis @MrsAshDavis
"Communities are no longer confined by geographical constraints" - @aseits #J412ssm
Nick Lorenzini @nlorenzini9
Products and services arent just products and services. You often feel connected to the type of coffee you drink #J412ssm
Allie Gavette @agavette
The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager (infographic): #j412ssm
Nick Lorenzini @nlorenzini9
We live in a brand community ourselves. How many of you say "Go Ducks" to someone wearing Duck gear outside of Eugene? #J412ssm


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