Joan Mellera @jmellera
Si pasás al revés videos de coatíes estás en Jurassic Park pic.twitter.com/uWRos5zxqz
The Rogue Astronaut @therogue_astro
So, if you put a video with coati, or coatimundi, in reverse, you are in Jurassic Park. Who made this?!?! 🦕 pic.twitter.com/0DaScfVjt3
Julia Schnabel @ja_schnabel
@therogue_astro These are not coatimundi but iruasoihcarb ! 🦕
The Rogue Astronaut @therogue_astro
@rthstewart That makes two of us!! Theme tune stuck in your head yet? 😂🦕
ruth stewart @rthstewart
@therogue_astro Not melodic but definitely sinister, m.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ3b33… the raptor theme from Jurassic park
ruth stewart @rthstewart
@therogue_astro This one is better, m.youtube.com/watch?v=tk8bNc… the classic theme is too majestic for these swift little brachiosaurus- raptor hybrids
Katie Mack @AstroKatie
@therogue_astro @AnneAMadden This person did, apparently. twitter.com/jmellera/statu… If you were asking a sincere question, now you know the answer and can credit appropriately.
The Rogue Astronaut @therogue_astro
@AstroKatie @AnneAMadden Perfect! I shall credit accordingly, I’ve been trying to find the source most of this afternoon. Now, I’ll sleep better tonight! Many thanks! 👍🏻🦕
The Rogue Astronaut @therogue_astro
@jmellera @AstroKatie @AnneAMadden Joan! Outstanding video!! I put the question of there when posting “Who made this” and twitter has responded, and it’s a pleasure to send you a message to say; This is just the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! It’s amazing, thank you! 😂👍🏻
Fresh @SativaFresh_
@jmellera @therogue_astro Es lo mismo cuando un youtuber de habla hispana le roba el mismo contenido a un youtuber de habla inglesa (no se si esta bien dicho el termino, pido disculpas si no es asi) son todos fallen.
The Rogue Astronaut @therogue_astro
It’s fair to say that this tweet exploded, and with it, my sincere question of who created it. Twitter, you certainly didn’t disappoint, the source of, the credit goes to, the creator is: @jmellera!! 🦕
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