ABC13 Houston @abc13houston
Robert Pattinson is new Batman? 'Twilight' star close to sealing deal abc13.co/2YIsj99 pic.twitter.com/gn7U2408U1
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WatchmenID @WatchmenID
Bruce Wayne dan Calon Bruce Wayne. pic.twitter.com/9Whzppx1lH
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WatchmenID @WatchmenID
Reaksi netizen ketika Heath Ledger pertama kali diumumkan sebagai Joker. Credits : @GeekTyrant pic.twitter.com/SkQeVznKMp
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Azzric @Azzric
@theshenerd Wow, you are right - I had totally forgotten she was in Twilight. I think Pattinson will have the same thing as DiCaprio. Took him years to shed Romeo and Juliet/Titanic. Only difference is those were both good movies and Twilight was....well... pic.twitter.com/DsAIWR0nE7
aly ciann 🌙 @fermiongirl
I’ve surprisingly changed my mind about Robert Pattinson as Batman after watching clips of him in roles post Twilight. I’m actually excited to see how it turns out.
Zack Bedard @zackb80
Robert Pattinson would without a doubt make a pretty good Bruce Wayne/Batman. I’m for it! pic.twitter.com/saS52V4qXI
Baron ZM @ZTMbaronofurga
Twilight is the only reason, people are objecting to Pattinson being Batman. I hate that series with a passion. But I still think he deserves a chance.
Patrick Aditya🔰 @ptrckaditya
sesungguhnya tidak menolak Pattinson jadi Batman. tp harus Batman Beyond. biar Keaton jadi Bruce Wayne. he he he.
Stepfather T Misty & Kazooie @T_RoyJenkins
The DC fanboys that are upset that Robert Pattinson might be the new Batman CLEARLY haven't seen Good Time or High Life.
baby peach @lapetitekhalesi
I have decided to stan Robert Pattinson as Batman completely.
taylor tinkerbell @kindofpeterpan
umm, excuse me you’re telling me nicholas hoult, robert pattinson, AND aaron taylor johnson are both in the running for being the next batman?? there’s hope for dc
Will @ObiWillKenobiii
The more I think about Robert Pattinson possibly being the next Batman the more I’m starting to like the idea of it
Ivan Nicholas @ivannicholas18
Robert Pattinson as batman? Is there really no other guy to play Bruce Wayne? Collider.com: ‘The Batman’ Villains Revealed: Here’s Who Robert Pattinson Will Be Fighting. collider.com/the-batman-vil… via @GoogleNews
Drake Facts @ThatOtherDrake
People think Robert Pattinson is too gay for Batman because of Twilight like the Joker from the only good DC movie wasn't in Brokeback Mountain
Meredith @meralee727
There are #GameOfThrones demanding the creators redo this past season ‘cause they aren’t happy. There r #Batman fans who r angry Robert Pattinson will b playing him&have begun a petition to get him removed. Far be it from me to judge but maybe the anger is misplaced #StopTheBans
Ryan Saucier @flyinsaucier
Robert Pattinson playing Batman is the worst idea since Heath Ledger playing the Joker.
PoisonIvyB 🏳️‍🌈 @PoisonIvyQuinn
Saw the news of Robert Pattinson will be the next Batman suddenly this scene came through my mind. #BATMAN #RobertPattinson #thebatman #PoisonIvy #MattReeves pic.twitter.com/mhihQR57Bi
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Josef Silvia @IslandBlues26
Robert Pattinson will be Batman. That's right Mr. Twilight himself as Bruce Wayne. At this point, I'd rather have Clooney come back---oohh no--I meant Keaton. Please, kind sir? @MichaelKeaton #KeatonForever #BatmanBeyond
6legsmagoo @6legsmagoo
Honestly Robert Pattinson playing Batman isn't even that bad. Yall just need to let go of Twilight for real.
アルテレゴ @oomzein
@WatchmenID Iseng edit pake sotosop gini kalau vampire fondation ketebalan ini jadi batman pic.twitter.com/HovDrGtb2N
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skyA🍋 @bulbaxsxur
@WatchmenID Liat dulu deh gimana, gamau judge dulu 😐
Hary Susanto @hafilova
Yang meremehkan Robert Pattinson ini apa cuman nonton Twilight saga aja ya?
skyA🍋 @bulbaxsxur
@AirSong21 @WatchmenID Kaget sih ga pernah bayangin rpatt jadi bruce wayne. Tp kok banyak yg nyepelein dia ya cm gara2 perannya di twilight? Blm nonton Good Time kali ya
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