Florian Mueller @FOSSpatents
2) What I just said also relates to the feedback one gets while performing the gesture. It's not perfectly clear if one's on the right track
Florian Mueller @FOSSpatents
1) It does not signal as well as earlier implementations what kind of movement is needed to successfully unlock. No arrows etc.
Bruno Souza @brjavaman
Attila Szegedi, engenheiro da divisao de Runtime do Twitter, estará no #JustJava. E você? Já submeteu sua palestra? http://t.co/y0XOmRpe
Florian Mueller @FOSSpatents
The circle-based solution is inferior in two fundamental ways over solutions closer to Apple's slide-to-unlock concept:
TechCrunch @TechCrunch
TCTV: In the Studio, Gautam Gupta Reflects on His Experience as a Teenager in VC http://t.co/yK7cbPqA by @semil
Florian Mueller @FOSSpatents
My answer is that Google has consciously chosen an inferior solution just because it hopes to have a better chance of avoiding infringement.
Florian Mueller @FOSSpatents
I just answered someone who said that all new Android versions (4.0) use a circle to unlock, and thinks this indicates it's not a bad thing.
Android Developers @AndroidDev
Lots of juicy goodies over on G+ Android Developers page: https://t.co/1dY4Y9t5
xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq @brianleroux
UNIX never was nor, nor ever is, perfect. That's why it's so perfect for software.
Lars Vogel @vogella
There seems to be a strike at Frankfurt airport. Anyone aware of a website where I can check if a (my) flight is / will be canceled?
Daniel Spiewak @djspiewak
A memo from Google to its product managers. "Your instructions are simple: set your empty whitespace from stun, to KILL."
Håkan Forss @hakanforss
I forgot my jacket in the office and now I can't get in. Will have to walk home from the subway in just my shirt in sub 0C #fail
Bodil Stokke, Esq. @bodil
Ubuntu 12.04's Unity desktop is currently just too broken to work with. What an excellent opportunity to have another go at xmonad. <3
TechCrunch @TechCrunch
New Swype Beta Packs Support For Ice Cream Sandwich http://t.co/LPEF8y84 by @chrisvelazco
peter_marklund @peter_marklund
Any Ruby devs out there who want to embark on the exciting journey of building a great music startup in Stockholm? Get in touch!
Håkan Forss @hakanforss
@marcusoftnet he worked as an excellent customer in the game. Watch out, he will optimize the flow in every process now /cc @westinper
brendan. allegedly. 🦦 @rit
Tim Berglund @tlberglund
It's a Facebook meme and it's getting tired, but I'll still tweet my original contribution: http://t.co/LWF0fGI0
Justin Lee @evanchooly
The Release Date for A Memory of Light Has Been Set http://t.co/snZoNERP
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