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Social and emotional learning

Twitter chat
Kornelia Lohynova @lohynova

We start in an hour! Join our Twitter today at 6pm CEST. Our topic is Social and Emotional Learning. Don´t forget to use our hashtag #entetw #pblcourse

09/05/2019 22:06:05 WIB
Kornelia Lohynova @lohynova

Hi everybody! Welcome to our Twitter chat. I am Kornelia from Slovakia and I will be your moderator today. Let´s have a short round of introductions #pblcourse #entetw

09/05/2019 22:59:59 WIB
Hajer Mhamdi @HajerMhamdi1

#pblcourse #entetw Hi Kornelia thank you for this amazing learning event I benefit a lot from you. I'm hajer Mhamdi computer science teacher from Tunisia…

09/05/2019 23:02:39 WIB
Kornelia Lohynova @lohynova

I hope more people join us now for our Twitter chat #pblcourse #entetw . Introduce yourself and then I will post our first question

09/05/2019 23:06:47 WIB
Graziella Filippone @GraziellaFilip2

#entetw #pblcourse I teach in Preschool, emotions and social relationship are the basis of every activity. First of all it's essential to empathize, to establish emotional contact with children, otherwise it's very difficult to involve them deeply and actively.

09/05/2019 23:07:32 WIB
Kornelia Lohynova @lohynova

Q1 The first question for you! Is Social and emotional learning (SEL) supported in your school? What are the main benefits of SEL for you? #pblcourse #entetw

09/05/2019 23:10:38 WIB
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#EdChatEU 🇪🇺 @EdChatEU

A great chat is live now on twitter. #EdChatEU educators Join #pblcourse #entetw chat with @lohynova on #eTwinningDay Share and learn more…

09/05/2019 23:11:31 WIB
Kornelia Lohynova @lohynova

Q2 Time for our second question. How well do you know your students? How do you recognize and value students´ strengths? #pblcourse #entetw

09/05/2019 23:20:04 WIB
Hajer Mhamdi @HajerMhamdi1

#pblcourse #entetw A1: we encourage using social and emotional learning in our school. We help our students to make friends to take decision because this improve their citizenship…

09/05/2019 23:21:29 WIB
Graziella Filippone @GraziellaFilip2

@lohynova I think that if you feel good with yourself and with others you will discover new inner and outer riches. Emotional well-being helps to improve all learning, enables effective social inclusion. #pblcourse #entetw

09/05/2019 23:22:07 WIB
teacher Laura @teacherLaura8

@lohynova I have realized that I know them as much as I let them know me. Looking them in their eyes, playing with them, wasting time with them so that I can put my attention on how they are important to me...and how important they will be for society. #pblcourse #entetw

09/05/2019 23:23:33 WIB
Hajer Mhamdi @HajerMhamdi1

#pblcourse #entetw A2: I try always to be near my students to hear them to know their opinions their dreams. I evaluate 21th skills of my students how can they collaborate communicate…

09/05/2019 23:24:48 WIB
Eleonora Alicata @AlicataEleonora

#entetw #pblcourse I teach in primary school. My main subject is English. I have realized that my students are not used to share their emotions. Last year I started to talk about emotions by making a lapbook. It is not very easy, but I think it is very important.

09/05/2019 23:25:39 WIB
teacher Laura @teacherLaura8

@GraziellaFilip2 @lohynova Yes, the most you are rich inside the most you can give to your students. And the message to them is positive with no no doubts. Thanks for saring. #pblcourse #entetw

09/05/2019 23:27:07 WIB
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