🐬@UnKnOwn SMB🐬 @slockman2006
@PsychologyDoc If there were only more of that ❤ in the world. 😊✌❤
Ada Madison @AdaMadison
@PsychologyDoc @markchironna Super cool! My son was obsessed with the garbage truck and the men too. This guy was such a sweetheart to take his time out for that little boy!
Anita Mathews @Anita_Mathews77
@PsychologyDoc Rich qualities are been sown into the child , Bless the ones who are doing this.👍👏💐
Helen owens @Helenow04733698
@PsychologyDoc I love it. I love it. I love it. Father God, bless the garbage men & especially the birthday boy & his family.
Abd'lGafar @gafartweets
@PsychologyDoc The world is full of good people, If you can't find one, Be one!!!
Meagan Mogg @MeaganMogg
@PsychologyDoc These guys do one of the most important jobs in our society. It's really good to see people showing their appreciation.
@PsychologyDoc @christophelston Every now and then my faith in humanity is restored. Hope that energy is contagious.
Timmy @tmajorjames
@PsychologyDoc Aww this is so cute 😭😭😭💕💕 that probably made the little kid’s day! I needed to watch something like this after a stressful day.
Lisa @elemcie_me
@PsychologyDoc @tweeterberry1 This city worker is precious, too. How sweet to spend time with his fan.
jcWillResistToTheEnd @tweeterberry1
@elemcie_me @PsychologyDoc That's why they scored all those cookies, and on the little boy's birthday, at that! Those guys have to really be special!
janet @JamboJanet
@PsychologyDoc Wonderful garbage man! We need more kids out and about, interacting with others! (Not locked away in “care” centers)!
Muli @muljati
@PsychologyDoc @maximvs09 how lovely, the garbageman really know how to treat well.


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