Dog guy @Catsorange1
@kwilli1046 I'm not sure the jump is as much of as getting getting back
Dog guy @Catsorange1
@kwilli1046 I'm not sure the jump is as much of a problem as getting back.
Ron Getty @MorteAiTiranni
@kwilli1046 How would jump for 50k dollars? First of all lets see the guy jump back! 😯😯😯
Thousand Oaks Strong, Brenda @Bardswan
@kwilli1046 So, no wonder about all the deaths at Grand Canyon...
KCTaz @KCTaz
@Bardswan @kwilli1046 The Rangers at the Grand Canyon will tell you, "The Canyon does not suffer fools".
Allen Anderson @MontanaHippy
@kwilli1046 No. But I'm 60, looking back just happy to have made it this far and don't feel the need to chance my life doing silly stunts. Just as soon not.
JLambert58 @JL58Steelers
@MontanaHippy @kwilli1046 There are old pilots and bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots. Congrats on making a few smart decisions along the way. πŸ‘Š
Victor Carrero @victorcarrero64
@Catsorange1 @kwilli1046 Doesn't look like he plan this out , I would charge him 50k to recuse him
Dog guy @Catsorange1
@victorcarrero64 @kwilli1046 He's young, young men rarely think too far in advance. At least I didn't.
Kate M. Colasanti @colasanti_kate
@JL58Steelers @MontanaHippy @kwilli1046 My uncle an dad where both pilots and always said that πŸ₯°


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