kcranews @kcranews
WANTED: Police are investigating after a teen reported being followed by this car while walking in a Vacaville neighborhood: bit.ly/2GpDYC8 RETWEET to help spread the word. CALL police at 707-469-4735 if you have information. pic.twitter.com/fcHT58Bq6N
StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_
THIS IS TERRIFYING! Video shows a little girl hiding from a suspicious car following her through California neighborhood. Remind your kids to ALWAYS be aware of their surroundings & to scream as loud as they can for help when someone is following them! This is SICK! Retweet! pic.twitter.com/hCRlt86qYM
Jeffry Hysong @jmhysong
@_SJPeace_ When I was 6 or 7 I think, some guy tried to pick up me and a friend as we walked home from going to the store. We didn't get in his car even though he offered money and candy. So weird that we were allowed to just run around by ourselves. That was over 40 years ago.
Susan DeMinico @MyTwattlings
@_SJPeace_ This made my heart stop. What a smart girl. Kudos to her parents.
🐱🐲Kittie Lexx🐲🐱 @KittieLexx
@_SJPeace_ Horrifying. But i gotta ask, who is recording instead on intervening?
mortalia @mortalia
@whiterecluse89 @_SJPeace_ It was a security camera. It just happened to catch the incident and homeowners allowed authorities to review it when they investigated. The original footage does not have the zooming. You can see it on @kcranews Twitter feed from last week.
Shannon Anderson @abbo2
@_SJPeace_ Too many kids would be staring at their phone while walking. Teach your kids to keep phone down and eyes up.
🌺MetaBlossom🌺 @olivo_rama
@abbo2 @_SJPeace_ Yes!! We’ve actually had kids walk into my car while stopped at a light because they didn’t look up. Makes them easy targets!
StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_
You all my heart stopped 😭💔 Every 40 seconds a child goes missing somewhere in the United States. There are more than 460,000 missing children each year! This is SERIOUS! (Also kind people, if you are here, trying to change the world one friend at a time. Follow me ❤️)
StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_
This girl is smart and was taught well. She would have been another statistic had she not stopped walking. THIS IS HEARTBREAKING 💔! Educate your children!
Jeffry Hysong @jmhysong
@englewoodelaine @_SJPeace_ I don't know, I think it's always been pretty evil. We just hear about it more these days.
@jmhysong @englewoodelaine @_SJPeace_ You’re correct. News travels instantly now from every corner of the world.
StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_
Also enroll your kids in self defense classes. Especially your daughters. This is so outrageous and so infuriating!
StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_
It is also our responsibility to raise our sons better!!!!! This is NOT OK!
S Kean @Kean1S
@MyTwattlings @_SJPeace_ Kudos to the girl! She knew what to do and stayed calm. Not easy if one is frightend and under such pressure.
mortalia @mortalia
@AlephsMom @whiterecluse89 @_SJPeace_ @kcranews You're welcome. It happened in my metro area- that news station is one of my locals. The video hit me hard. I think a lot of women can relate. One of those times I'm thankful for everpresent cameras.
kay quinn @AlephsMom
@mortalia @whiterecluse89 @_SJPeace_ @kcranews Before i was ever a parent, i had read to not teach your kids “stranger danger”. Many times it’ll be a stranger they need to turn to for help. We need to be teaching our kids to trust their instincts. This brave soul trusted her instincts! & it saved her life! 💜


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