Steve Stifler @StevStiffler
What media expose vs What really happen pic.twitter.com/Z299FOthqK
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Jona @nopalito7
@StevStiffler Make sure to check multiple sources y’all. Can’t live off of one perspective.
Hulk._.Jr @GentleHajj
@StevStiffler What’s she said happened VS What really happened
In My Head❤️🕷 @babygrlstaylit
@GentleHajj @StevStiffler Men talk more shit them females so it should be what HE said: What actually happened:
Billy Adams @bilko89
@gyzkard @The_flying_bean @StevStiffler Yes, social media has allowed me to see the media is a tool used by others to ensure they get what they want.
Billy Adams @bilko89
@gyzkard @The_flying_bean @StevStiffler When it clicked with me was with the refugee "crisis". Photos of what looked like a man struggling in the middle of the ocean. Turned out, when the photo is zoomed out, there were many people, standing on the shore basically with water up to their knees.


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