Dengarkan dan Lihat Sampai Habis, Dijamin Menitikkan Air Mata, Kekompakan Murid Menghibur Guru Mereka yang Terkena Kanker dengan Bernyanyi

sangat terharu
viralnow murid dan guru kanker
Kevin W @kwilli1046
My heart They sing to their teacher after they find out she has cancer. Retweet ❤️♥️♥️
BeachBum @jandsmcw
@kwilli1046 I love these kids’ sincerity and emotion.
Using my left hand @dantegiuliano
@kwilli1046 Beautiful! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️
Neil Axelrod @NeilAxelrod
@kwilli1046 What a great job by those kids, and so cool. Has personal meaning for me too. 👍
Sandra Fabrizio @fabrizio_sandra
@kwilli1046 What a wonderful song. I love the verse "I'm gonna love you through it" If only this song could heal. Praying for a miracle...
Paula @paulatwinone
@kwilli1046 Omg the tears won’t stop... just beautiful 😢💜💚🧡
TrustinTruth♥️ @trustin_truth
@kwilli1046 OMG! Their display of emotion shows that they were truly singing from their hearts and it looks like the teacher felt it too!! 😭😁
Sherry @Sherry_Surdam
@kwilli1046 What a beautiful thing to see at the end of my day. The love they have for their teacher is palpable. God bless and keep her and her “kids.”
Hendrasetiawan @Hendras20069516
@kwilli1046 Yes ,this is educate for live 💖 . THANK YOU 🙏


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