Kevin W @kwilli1046
Girl teases monkey about having food and get bitch slapped...I am with the monkey. How about you ? pic.twitter.com/F4YBUPHDRA
Timmy Monkey, Your Weird Uncle. @slimjimtx
@kwilli1046 I don’t know. I’ve done that to my dogs and I don’t want them getting any fresh ideas.
Beef Supreme @Supreme____Beef
@kwilli1046 @Right2Liberty Why would anyone fuck with a monkey? Monkeys are assholes.
Right2Liberty 🇺🇸 @Right2Liberty
@Supreme____Beef @kwilli1046 Didn’t some lady get her face completely chewed off by a “pet” monkey a few years back? She ended up getting a face transplant. Monkeys are no joke.
Beef Supreme @Supreme____Beef
@Right2Liberty @kwilli1046 Yep. It was a chimp named Travis. Right here in CT. The chimp was her friend’s pet.
MAGA BB @CanadatheLost
@kwilli1046 @1foreverseeking She deserved it! How dare she trick the poor monkey! lol!


Folti Baffi @foltibaffi_id 25/04/2019 16:10:48 WIB
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