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Berpose Tersenyum Lebar Di Depan Aksi Anti-Islam, Foto Gadis Berhijab Berusia 24 Tahun Ini Jadi Sorotan

Dia tidak menyangka jadi viral
Foto seorang terapis autis berumur 24 tahun jadi viral karena berpose tersenyum lebar di depan sekelompok orang Anti-Islam yang protes di depan konvensi di Amerika Utara
شيماء @ShaymaaDarling

On April 21st I smiled in the face of bigotry and walked away feeling the greatest form of accomplishment.

23/04/2019 16:44:49 WIB
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شيماء @ShaymaaDarling

The photos are not photoshopped btw.

23/04/2019 18:38:49 WIB
URL Bored Panda This Muslim Woman Took A Smiling Stand Against Anti-Muslim Protesters And Went Viral This Sunday Shaymaa Ismaa’eel – a 24-year-old behavioral therapist for children with autism woke up to a pleasant surprise as one of her tweets, or picture to be exact, went viral. The day before Shaymaa went to the Islamic Circle of North America convent 11302
BuzzFeed News @BuzzFeedNews

This Muslim girl took a photo in front of an anti-Muslim protest and people want it in a museum…

23/04/2019 23:51:29 WIB
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professor calamitous @freeMedusa

@ShaymaaDarling What I see in the corner of my room after watching a scary movie

24/04/2019 00:41:12 WIB
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Niki 💜 @nikipikimiki

@ShaymaaDarling @TAED0R0KII As a Christian, I wish people would recognize that the extremists of Islam are not any different from the extremists of Christians and that the two religions should work together to celebrate the peaceful worshipers. I don’t have to follow Islam to respect y’all.

23/04/2019 22:34:57 WIB
A-kKaz @A__kKaz

@mapofsoulnicole @ShaymaaDarling @TAED0R0KII I really hope other people like those in the picture take time to educate themselves like you, much thanks from the Muslim community. 🙏

24/04/2019 00:54:27 WIB
Niki 💜 @nikipikimiki

@adel_zakk @ShaymaaDarling @TAED0R0KII I must admit I was biased at one point. I was 11 when 9/11 hit and the extreme need to support for those going after Al Qaeda led to me not understanding the difference between their misuse of Islam, and the people that their actions unfortunately reflected on. I regret that.

24/04/2019 00:57:48 WIB
Niki 💜 @nikipikimiki

@tinysubgirl @adel_zakk @ShaymaaDarling @TAED0R0KII I am not perfect but I try to learn. I have recently learned about the issues of cultural appropriation, as I used to be really insecure about not being enough of one race to claim any culture, leaving me without a community or identity.

24/04/2019 02:29:13 WIB
m 🍋 @bxdlandsfletch

@JoshRathbun3 @royaltybeards @freeMedusa @ShaymaaDarling I love the airpods case just hanging there like it’s part of the equipment

24/04/2019 10:59:22 WIB


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