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Gambar Kocak Gemesin Gorilla yang Ikut Berpose Ketika Diajak Selfie oleh Penjaganya

Mereka bisa pose juga nih @tumbenlucu
I said what I said @Spilling_The_T

Two Gorillas pose with the anti-poaching rangers who guard them

20/04/2019 01:13:55 WIB
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88% Healthy Lang Naman @HaliyaJam

@Spilling_The_T Gorillas look like they got his back in a fist fight.

20/04/2019 18:17:35 WIB
Eduardo @edjames01

@Spilling_The_T They are just mimicking the men that are protecting them

20/04/2019 20:26:50 WIB
El Chapo @mothupi_t

@Spilling_The_T Ranger: Act natural! Gorilla: Puts hands in pocket

20/04/2019 21:41:39 WIB
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πŸ–€ @sircanunot

@Spilling_The_T β€œMy homeboy over there thinks you fine” The homeboy:

20/04/2019 23:12:59 WIB
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Ore @fuillt

@Spilling_The_T I want to reach this level of peace

21/04/2019 00:32:38 WIB
Young Squire Gwazquiat @Gwaz007

@Spilling_The_T When you help them grow they become friends.

21/04/2019 03:00:12 WIB
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I'm retired @x_mayon

@Spilling_The_T Mom: it's picture day today you better smile Middle School me:

21/04/2019 06:00:01 WIB
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