Menyoal Tatapan Muram Sandiaga Uno Ketika Dirinya Hadir di Samping Prabowo di Acara Deklarasi Kemenangan Paslon 02

Pasca dikabarkan cegukan, wajah Sandiaga Uno jadi sorotan.
pilpres2019 sandiuno Deklarasi Kemenangan Prabowo Sandiaga Uno Prabowo Sandi Sandiaga Uno Sakit
🦄 @pukiskejuu
abis ntn video deklarasi kemenangan paslon 02. that look on sandiaga's face be lyk, "damn i didnt sign up fo this, i wish i werent here right nao"
🦄 @pukiskejuu
bahkan waktu pak bowo takbir dan menyerukan kata2 merdeka, cukup jelas terekam di video kalo bang sandiaga diam saja, tidak ikut dalam euforia kemenangan calon presidennya.
hnsmr @rhmtk_
I don’t Sandiaga Uno is doing fine on that video. Something is wrong i guess.…
Jack Board @JackBoardCNA
“We are certain that our long battle is successful with the support from the people. We beg you not to be arrogant and excessive with our victory.” - Prabowo Subianto sticking with stubborn fighting words, despite electoral defeat #Pemilu2019
The Jakarta Globe @thejakartaglobe
Sandiaga Uno finally appeared with Prabowo Subianto as he declared victory in the presidential election despite quick count results pointing to a comfortable #Jokowi win. As his expressions suggest though, Sandi didn't seem too enthused about the whole thing. #pilpres2019
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inayrusatig @surygita
@thejakartaglobe Lemes bgt keknya. Ga bersemangat. Angkat 2 jari ga setinggi biasanya. Gw kl lagi sakit, ketemu temen, apalagi ditambah menang undian keknya bakal segerr sih.
vicki richardson @ibuvicki
@thejakartaglobe @IndonesiaAust Sandi wants to follow the democratic process and wait for the final OFFICIAL results like Jokowi. But Prabowo the 3 times loser wants power.
Nuice Media @nuicemedia
Sandiaga appeared for Prabowo's third declaration as winner of the election this afternoon. His expression tho.
Nuice Media @nuicemedia
I wonder if they'll let me have my old job back
m e r r y t a @merrytaamelia
Man, I feel bad for Sandiaga Uno. He looks like he has had enough yet they still force him to do it. I hope his move doesn’t affect his political future, this man has potential. #savesandiagauno
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Frederik @rik_dss
@JackBoardCNA His face says it all... I really feel sorry for him.
nanas2703 @nanas27031
@JackBoardCNA He be like "damn... i should stay at home"
Raya Fahreza @rayafahreza
No I have no sympathy for Sandi just because Richboy™ look "sad". He's a grown man, it's his decision to run with that crowd, he was not forced, he may not even be sorry, despite the sad face.
Putu Aditya Nugraha @commaditya
@rayafahreza Kayanya dia tertekan dalam ancaman, bukan sedih.
Reza Gunawan @rezagunawan
@rayafahreza but if he regains some sanity, it might help break that coalition
Jul @juliardi_ahmad
@rayafahreza @_kiranalara Mudah-mudahan Pak Sandi nggak sedang dibawah ancaman. :(
ysfpn @ysfpn
@JackBoardCNA can't tell if he's mad, afraid, hungry, or still recovering from hiccups
Al Khasheem @AlKhasheem
#Pemilu2019 Indonesian vice presidential candidate, Mr. Sandiaga Uno is in sick condition now. After several survey institutions won Mr. Jokowi in the quick count election. Mr. Sandi are you now in a state of severe stress because you have spent all your money on your candidacy.
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Ben Bland @benjaminbland
The fact that Sandiaga Uno, Prabowo's energetic VP candidate and possible 2024 contender, did not stand by his side when he claimed victory yesterday suggests he doesn't want to be too closely associated with the claims. Officially Sandi had hiccups 8/9…
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