ABL is Live-Tweeting #VampireDiaries Because ::Shrug::

1) Watch Vampire Diaries; 2) ???? 3) PROFIT!
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Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 12:26:31 WIB
I'm watching #VampireDiaries. I hope these vampires are sparkly. Non-sparkly vampires are unacceptable. #TFY
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 12:30:23 WIB
This is one broody fucking vampire. Where are the jazz hands vampires? I wanna see those. FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT! #VampireDiaries #tfy
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 12:48:07 WIB
White Girl in Every Show or Movie Ever: It's super dark and foggy and creepy in the woods. I THINK I'LL GO FOR A WALK. #VampireDiaries
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 12:50:24 WIB
More White Girls: WE WANT TO GO ON A WALK IN THE SCARY WOODS ALSO. #VampireDiaries
psychedelicatessen @MentalRiot 12/02/2012 13:00:48 WIB
@AngryBlackLady please stop using that old stereotype. We have taken many years to get where we are and comments like that only set us back.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 13:05:08 WIB
.@MentalRiot white girls obviously like the woods. I don't make the rules.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 13:11:39 WIB
RT @MentalRiot: @AngryBlackLady they are in the woods because they are scientists. // ohhhhhh. TREE scientists!
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 12:51:38 WIB
Oh whatshisbutt from Lost is in this! aka Hottie Q. McTakeyourpantsoff, Esq. #VampireDiaries
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 12:59:39 WIB
It's a directive. RT @stopthatgirl7: @AngryBlackLady @vcthree I think "Hottie McTakeyourpantsoff" is a better way to refer to him. :Db
vcthree @vcthree 12/02/2012 13:00:46 WIB
@AngryBlackLady @stopthatgirl7 The gentleman from NC wisely yields the balance of his time.
Jessica @vdaze 12/02/2012 13:02:34 WIB
RT @AngryBlackLady: Vampires are obviously a fan of the pop-in. They're always "just in the neighborhood." #VampireDiaries
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 13:16:53 WIB
only on thursdays RT @UpSheepCreek: @AngryBlackLady ABL: Vampire expert. Are you sparkly?
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 13:14:48 WIB
These geniuses have decided to go camping in the woods. And whaddya know! Another white girl is running thru the woods. #VampireDiaries
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 13:18:32 WIB
The black girl is a witch. Her family -- and i quote -- was, like, these Salem witch chicks or something. Brilliant. #VampireDiaries
Stardragon Canada @Stardragonca 12/02/2012 13:15:54 WIB
@AngryBlackLady It's Horror Movie Logic. Let's split up and wander around in the dark.
Stardragon Canada @Stardragonca 12/02/2012 13:20:46 WIB
@AngryBlackLady I think we should abandon the car here, and proceed on foot.
Stardragon Canada @Stardragonca 12/02/2012 13:22:05 WIB
@AngryBlackLady Something very strange is going on in this town, so in no way should we contact the authorities.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 13:22:39 WIB
.@Stardragonca But first I should put on these open-toe high heels.
Imani Gandy o—€ @AngryBlackLady 12/02/2012 13:27:08 WIB
.@Stardragonca something just ran into that deserted cornfield. Stay here, I'll go check it out.
Stardragon Canada @Stardragonca 12/02/2012 13:41:45 WIB
@AngryBlackLady If you knock someone/something that is after you down, don't try to disarm/incapacitate/ or finish him/her/it off. Run!
Stardragon Canada @Stardragonca 12/02/2012 13:43:27 WIB
@AngryBlackLady And the middle of a crisis is always the best time to argue about something that has nothing to do with not getting killed.
Stardragon Canada @Stardragonca 12/02/2012 13:45:56 WIB
@AngryBlackLady The Viet Nam war used to be good, but any old argument will serve.. Bonus points for philosophy or metaphysics.
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