Louise Cross @looe1983
@OddlyPleasing How is he holding that pose for so long 😃
rachelratz @rachelratz
@OddlyPleasing @BeFitRecipe He had to move is mouth to breath. Just saw it. I've seen quite a few of them at Times Square. Pretty good though.
Bunk @Bunkality
@OddlyPleasing @FunnyViness I would have to grab the hat just to get him to move. This man deserves a Twenty. This is difficult to do and to imagine. Clever and artistic. Bravo 👏
Anne @anne_archy__
@OddlyPleasing I hope whoever took this video put money in his hat after.
Manchesterspeak @Manchesterspeak
@OddlyPleasing @PencilVids What if someone ran off with his money, would he chase them?
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