Viral Kasus Niu Niu, Model Cilik Berusia 3 Tahun yang Ditendang Ibunya Karena Tidak Mau Menurut Ketika Pemotretan

harus cepat ditindak ini ibunya! @tumbenlucu
URL 9GAG Online Stores Cut Ties With Mom After She Caught Kicking Her 3yo Model Daughter Her case is very common in the industry. 191878
^^Ayo❤TVXQ^^ @Its___Aya

"I'll kick you to death,do you believe it?pick up the flowers right now, donn piss me off during shooting" Wow! This is wut a chinese mom said to her model child after working her from 9am to 6pm with kick on her tiny back! A typical physical and verbal child abuse. #niuniu

14/04/2019 14:07:04 WIB
Pamela Carbonell @pammiecarbs

“Another photographer said Niu Niu, who worked from 9am to 6pm got punched on the back because she was tired and couldn't keep her back straight. Niu Niu's case is very common in the industry.” Then we should make this NOT common in the...…

12/04/2019 15:45:19 WIB

@Its___Aya Ini kenapa kalau boleh tahu? Anaknya selebgram gitu kah?

14/04/2019 16:31:08 WIB
Larassati S nya 2 @larassatea

@pammiecarbs @gembrit Mother like this will probably prostitute her child if she's given a big offer. 😟😟😟

14/04/2019 13:33:29 WIB
Ventin Oktavi @ventinoktavi

Semoga komisi perlindungan anak di negara #niuniu tinggal, segera bertindak.…

14/04/2019 14:21:41 WIB
𝙽𝚊 @ernaaabcd

@Its___Aya So disgusting! Is this an angel without wings named mother, very inappropriate!😖

14/04/2019 16:24:07 WIB
Nabilah Yasmien @NabilahYAZ

@pammiecarbs Udah make anaknya buat dapet uang bukannya dirawat yg baik goblok

14/04/2019 14:48:24 WIB


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