Tim O'Reilly @timoreilly
.@Lessig's "Republic Lost could as easily be embraced by Tea Party...as by Occupy Wall Street organizers" http://t.co/EA837UON
edburns @edburns
I'm still waiting for DNS to propogate for http://t.co/L0asnE35. In the meantime, please continue to use http://t.co/Wf29AI1I
TechCrunch @TechCrunch
How Google Created Its Epic(-ish) Valentine's Day Doodle http://t.co/IcpdCOem by @anthonyha
TechCrunch @TechCrunch
Online Payments Startup WePay Grows Revenue By Ten-Fold In 2011; Will Launch Mobile Apps This Y.. http://t.co/P7i7SGIN by @leenarao
Charles Nutter @headius
Finally, watermelon seeds! I have everything I need to start preparing an assault on The End. #minecraft
TechCrunch @TechCrunch
After Zynga Settlement, Layoffs Hit Brazilian Social Gaming Company Vostu http://t.co/1M75CoVQ by @leenarao
Mattias Karlsson @matkar
@kohsukekawa hey, are you checking out the twitter stream for #Jfokus ?
Mattias Karlsson @matkar
@Sharat_Chander Thanks for being there! Looking forward to meet again later today.
Mattias Karlsson @matkar
@holly_cummins thanks! Maybe we can do plans for next year?
Charles Nutter @headius
As fast as JRuby is now, I have a roadmap in mind that's a steady progression to Java perf. 2012 will be fun.
heidi harman @heidiharman
UK builderz tea haz me up all nightz working on http://t.co/m2mmZgZQ
Florian Mueller @FOSSpatents
Full text of European Commission Vice President JoaquΓ­n Almunia's statement on Google-Motorola http://t.co/IXSd5Bcu
brendan. probably. 🦦 @rit
Its all about connection pools today. Also, I sucked at trivia. Somehow misheard John Mellor when q was his stage name. (A: Joe Strummer)
Daniel Chow @danielchownet
iPad 3 announcement March 7, quad-core, possible 4G LTE http://t.co/wqxtbZqx #iphone
Jonas Jacobi @jonasjacobi
@matkar You are soooo on. Give me a date and time and I'll be there ;)
Kohsuke Kawaguchi @kohsukekawa
300 stickers for Tokyo trip should do, right?
Justin Lee @evanchooly
my new video meme: making videos of finding people that make new "shit ${some group} says" videos and punching them in the throat
Remember H. Rosling @HansRosling
2010 Sweden had best GDPgrowth in EU, increased CO2 emission by 10% & became #1Arms-exporter/capita. We now need to improve our MODESTYrank!
InfoQ @InfoQ
Agile's Next Wave: Transforming the Business http://t.co/qg5ZfJcs
Ola Bini @olabini
Dinner at Foreign Cinema tonight.
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