Kisah Persahabatan Seorang Penjelajah Bersepeda Ke Seluruh Dunia Bersama Seekor Kucing

what love is? untuk Dean dan Kucing ini, mungkin kebersamaan menjelajah dunia sampai akhir
The Dodo @dodo
Guy biking across the world finds a kitten he can't leave behind 😻
feekq @feekq
@dodo This guy did great.....♥️🧚🐱..✌🏼👌👍✋🧚♥️
rouge @arxoxj
@dodo This is the most amazing and wholesome video ever and Nala really is brilliant.
Ismail Alaoui @ismailalaoui923
@dodo You don't adopt cats. Cats adopt you 💕💕💕
Diego Souza @dibeees
@dodo They choose us, its a blessing .. awesome
SpottedMynd @SpottedMynd
@dodo Sometimes we find the best friends of our lives in the most unlikely places. He certainly found his. All it took was a quick tour of the whole world and suddenly there she was, waiting.
ПIK FΛЯЯ @Nik_Farr
@dodo @WomanWithNoHead I'm not crying, I think I've got something in my eye
Laurie ♥ @retsebez
@dodo I love amazing such a beautiful story....@RichP222@
🐾 Deborah🗽 @newenglandgrl
@dodo This is what we need more of in the world! Caring for each other is not hard❣️
Sharon Crowell @Patchouli_Rose
@dodo Nice story to hear as I head off to bed. :)
Greg ZEBORAY @GregZeboray
@dodo #cats are the best! I love them and am thankful for those who do too.
Akane @ranma245
@davidavilasilva @GregZeboray @dodo Torties! I love all cats, but torties have a special spot in my heart, ever since we got our Gure. :-)
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Akane @ranma245
@davidavilasilva @GregZeboray @dodo Btw, that's her lovely tabby sister Aya sleeping behind her.


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