Fact Check: Is This 450-Pound Dog Real?
And who is walking whom in this relationship?

On 1 April 2019, the Twitter account for “The Dodo,” a website centered around animal stories, posted a video that supposedly showed a man and his 450-pound dog.
These are not genuine images of a dog.

This video (which was posted on April Fools’ Day) was created with the help of Christopher Cline, an Instagram user whose feed is full of photoshopped images of his dog. Most of Cline’s images showcase an abnormally large animal.
But he has also posted a few undoctored images of his dog. While we’re not sure exactly how much this animal weighs, it’s pretty clear the dog isn’t 450 pounds.

Jonathan Greene @trustgreene
@dodo Damn April Fools. I was really on this for over a minute.
jas min @itpennyswise
@dodo lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo im dying @wakethwitch
Jonathan Greene @trustgreene
@tiddlestoned @dodo I was five seconds from looking up where I could find this giant dog’s offspring.
Oregal @sase_lori
@blondejezzey @Xcari_shermanX @dodo I only reason I realized it was fake was because they said he was 450 lbs and the guy was carrying him. There is no way he could lift that much weight!
Paulie ✏️ @PaulieCiceroG
@JeremyLynRobins @dodo Thanks Jeremy, we wouldn't have known without you.

Inilah Hasil Efek Editing Fotografi yang Memukau dari Chris Cline

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