Niat Hati Ingin Menahan Payung Cafe yang Tertiup Angin; Viral Video Pria Turki Ikut Terbang 4 Meter Saat Pegangi Payung Cafe Ketika Cuaca Berangin

Ia, bersama payungnya, terbang setinggi tiga sampai empat meter

Seorang pria 'terbang' ketika berusaha menahan payung besar jatuh tertiup angin. Ia, bersama payungnya, terbang setinggi tiga sampai empat meter, sampai akhirnya ia memutuskan untuk lompat.

Breaking911 @Breaking911

Surveillance footage captures moment strong winds lift man into the air as he tries to stop a patio umbrella from falling over in gusty conditions - ABC

28/03/2019 23:33:58 WIB
BBC News Indonesia @BBCIndonesia

[Video] Saat cuaca berangin, hati-hati dengan payung kafe. Terekam CCTV, seseorang terbang 4 meter di Turki karena payung kafe yang dipegangnya terbawa angin kencang.

01/04/2019 16:22:55 WIB
Paul Chambers🌊📢🏥🤡 @feedingtubepaul

@TheZantarin Geez Kocadallı told reporters that he survived the incident without any injuries, the Daily Sabah reported. "I'm fine actually. After I realized the umbrella was going to keep going up, I jumped off. I think I rose 3 or 4 meters," Kocadallı said to reporters. (around +12 feet)

29/03/2019 05:09:44 WIB


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