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"Arab" and "Muslim" AREN'T synonymous *Arab is an ethnic, political or linguistic identity **Muslims practice Islam, a religion of 1.8 Billion people IN FACT: -Only 18% of Muslims worldview are Arabs -65% of Arabs in the US are Christians -30% of Muslims in the US are Black
Sandy Lethco @SandraLethco
@KhaledBeydoun What other religion is commonly practiced in Arab countries? I honestly don’t know.
ariana delawari @arianadelawari
@KhaledBeydoun Lots of Muslims are Asian as well. Like us Afghans.
Smith Brian @SmithBrianAU
@KhaledBeydoun Yes that's true. Unfortunately Arabs treat non white muslims very poorly. They consider themselves to be true muslims while they consider the rest heretics. You can correct me if I am wrong but I have seen how they treat non white muslims and it ain't good.
Zoe @Zoey59932553
@KSAFREE4 @KhaledBeydoun Algebra comes from an Arabic word al jabr. Al Khwarizmi (arab from Iraq) is regarded as the "father of algebra".
🛡Lone ⚜️ Crusader🗡 @one_pelumi_guy
@KhaledBeydoun @cchukudebelu But technically, everything we know with Islam is designed according to the culture of the Arabs... Take a look at Northern Nigeria for example - Arab wannabes. Anything that doesn't resemble that culture is considered a crime. That's why many people consider them synonymous
SAY NO TO IDIOCY! @muhalma
@arianadelawari @KhaledBeydoun and here in South East Asia...... Indonesia. We're definitely not arabs.
Smith Brian @SmithBrianAU
@mhassanalumari @abdulrahaman101 @KhaledBeydoun Nobody denies that my friend. Respectable people like you prevent the wrath of Allah from wiping them out.
‏‏کمی. Rocketwoman. 🌙 sta 🌠 @xrkbr
@KhaledBeydoun @MinellyVanelly There are Slavic Muslims, Caucasians (the real one not that stupid racist use of the word), Turkish, Tatars etc etc many different kind, but still people mistake it with an ethnic group. But are they to blame? Because media and school shouldn't help the mistake.
SAY NO TO IDIOCY! @muhalma
@ahmad_harry @arianadelawari @KhaledBeydoun well, following the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad PBUH should not always be interpreted as arabic wanna be.
Zoe @Zoey59932553
@iMiGraal231 @KSAFREE4 @KhaledBeydoun Yeah, my bad. Iraq was a part of Persia back then.
🇲🇾 XIريماو @RimauXI
@KhaledBeydoun Arabs are just incapable of being at peace with each other: Fatah-Hamas, Iraq-Kuwait, Ghassanids-Lakhmids before the time of our beloved Prophet, Ali-Aisha after. And now Saudi-Qatar. Hundreds of millions of peaceful Muslims living in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe.
Nurat Liadi @NuratLiadi
@KhaledBeydoun Many thanks for shedding light on this. It has become more imperative in times like this.People erroneously believe that whatever Arabs do is automatically from Islam.
Riad KACED @riadkaced
@KhaledBeydoun 18%? That sounds a lot. If you are counting the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Lybia, and Tunisia) as Arabs then this is a mistake. Northern Africa is Amazigh (Berber) that embraced Arabic language under the influence of Islam. But Ethnically, Northen Africa is not Arab for the most.
Tricia Morris @TriciaMorrisADR
@KhaledBeydoun Thank you for the information. It’s sad how misinformed I’ve been and I try to be well informed. 😟
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