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Sebuah Lifehack Yang Sangat Berfaedah, Ini Cara Nonton Praktis di Smartphone Selama di Perjalanan Biar Nggak Bikin Pegal Tangan

kemana aja kita
أنس @Saka1410

Twitter - a place where you learn valuable life lessons

27/03/2019 19:03:22 WIB
R.A @azriilbat

@Saka1410 Sebuah lifehack yg bisa tak terapin pas nanti naek pesawat pertama kali, wkwkwk

28/03/2019 10:45:33 WIB
amat @thatgoofyguy

@Saka1410 How is this tweet has 3M views with no attention to it

28/03/2019 12:28:25 WIB
thelochan @theLOLchan

@Saka1410 @moaizmq @moaizmq this is super 2012 bro. Economy class has TV now :p

28/03/2019 12:56:53 WIB

@theLOLchan @Saka1410 Not if you travel by Air Arabia or Indigo :p

28/03/2019 13:01:28 WIB
thelochan @theLOLchan

@moaizmq @Saka1410 If you're travelling by those just go to sleep :p better yet eat the onflight food and pass out :p

28/03/2019 13:15:25 WIB

@theLOLchan @Saka1410 You don't even get complimentary food in those flights soo.......

28/03/2019 17:10:07 WIB


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