Kevin W @kwilli1046
This video makes me sick! No one jumped in to help stop it. pic.twitter.com/XZ12AE8BuY
Blake @FresnoFCBlake
@kwilli1046 I feel like the person filming this was part of it because I don’t believe they just happen to be filming in the class before she got hit with the book.
𝕾𝖈𝖔𝖙𝖙 @bgdadyspnkbtm
@kwilli1046 So sick and disgusting that people feel a need to video and share vs help when things like this happen. Humanity is on a sad downward spiral.
Jim Vanstone @VanstoneJim
@kwilli1046 I have a hard time watching this stuff, psychologically I mean. They make me wonder if the world is full of monsters. And I don’t mean the criminal that is beating another human. I mean the monsters who could watch an old woman or a teenaged girl get their brains beat in. Shame.
RJ @rosebud_jurado
@kwilli1046 Attacked from behind ,not cool. Hope she got arrested and expelled
Kristy, Christie, Kristi, Christy, you pick 🤷‍♀️ @Krissie1219
@rosebud_jurado @kwilli1046 Hopefully the victims family is suing her and her parents if she is a minor to high heaven. Take their home and everything they ever thought of having. If you raise animals instead of respectful kids, you get what is coming.
Patty @Pattycough25
@VanstoneJim @kwilli1046 It's like everyone is looking for likes online than doing something for somebody else, which costs absolutely nothing pic.twitter.com/pNFrbF30lG
ProsperousUSA @Prosperous1776
@kwilli1046 She should be taking it in for assault. The victim's parents should sue her and her parents, the teacher and the school for not protecting her.
Barnes873🇺🇸 @MBarnes873
@FresnoFCBlake @kwilli1046 The only person that should be hitting back is the chick in pink who got hit, plenty of people could have at least tried pulling the girl in black off the girl in pink.
Alex Gonzalez @AlexGon61287322
@FresnoFCBlake @kwilli1046 That book is a deadly weapon it's like hit someone with a log
Anissa Ⓥ❄ @AnissaZahr
@FresnoFCBlake @kwilli1046 Fr she acknowledges the camera before she swings the book.
Phrogs 🇺🇸 🐎🎸KAG 🚫Romney @4dash94
@FresnoFCBlake @kwilli1046 The person that captured the video definitely had a heads up that the assault was going to occur.
German German @GermanG2017
@FresnoFCBlake @kwilli1046 The other students knew the girl was going to attack the other girl. It was planned.
Sheepdog 🇺🇸 @Sheepdog1979
@Prosperous1776 @kwilli1046 Will never happen. The school will protect the bully. And the union will protect the teacher. #SchoolChoice
Nationalist Mr. Ray⭐️⭐️⭐️ @rbeaux54
@FresnoFCBlake @kwilli1046 Nope, but her ass would have been mine after the fact. She would be looking over her shoulder for a long long time
Patti Hampton @Eddie_and_Patti
@Krissie1219 @rosebud_jurado @kwilli1046 Well, they probably don't own much of anything, if anything at all. But the school is responsible for the kids who attend their institutions. Sue the teacher & the school to high heaven. Nobody ever does this, but if they did, I would lay odds it would happen less often.
[REDACTED] 🇺🇸 @R_Love317
@FresnoFCBlake @kwilli1046 Obviously. They were in on the assault before it happened.
@FresnoFCBlake @kwilli1046 That’s the horrendous part. He/she is standing by filming, doing nothing while this person is getting beat up. This is why violence pervades our society. Too many of us are just standing by doing nothing. Maybe what’s in that person’s mind is the clicks on social media 💩
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